Why Won’t My Chromebook Turn On [Simple Solutions]

Are you a Chromebook user? Does your Chromebook turn off all of a sudden and refuses to chromebook turn on and you wonder why won't my chromebook turn on? If not, you are lucky! If it does so, you people know how irritating this can get.

Especially if you are using your Chromebook for your work or taking a class, this might disappoint you even though the Chromebook proves very helpful in many other situations.  

So when your Chromebook turns off and refuses to turn on, is there a way you can solve it? What might be the reasons for this? How to prevent it?

chromebook turn on

I am sure you might have wondered and googled a lot. This article is for you, with the complete answer to your doubts regarding the issue and 9 ways to solve them. Keep reading to know more.


Although the primary problem your facing is that your Chromebook does not turn on, there are several levels to this issue. It can occur in a number is different levels; they are :

  • Your Chromebook powers on, but the screen does not respond and remains black.
  • The Chromebook powers on but goes off immediately.
  • Chrome OS boots as you power on your device, but you cannot log in to your account.
  • You can boot Chrome OS and log in to your Chromebook, but the device keeps crashing.
  • The power button for your Chromebook does not respond on touch.
chromebook turn on

Why won't my Chromebook turn on?

There are several reasons why your Chromebook won't turn on for each of the corresponding levels your problem is in. Some of the very common reasons that cause this issue along users are :

  • Issues that relate to the battery or the charger.
  • Issues with the internal hardware of your Chromebook.
  • Issues with the operating system of your Chromebook, that use the Chrome OS.
  • Some issues with the external hardware of your device can also cause this issue.


If you think "why won’t my chromebook turn on," then this issue can be easily fixed by trying out the following ways listed below that should be chosen according to your facing. The issues are:

1. Is your Chromebook even charging?

chromebook turn on

As already mentioned, the issue can be because of your battery or charger or even the charging ports of your device. So ensuring if your device is getting charged is important.

For that, you have to plug in your device to your charger and see if the LED light is on. If it is, then your device is being charged. Let it get charged for 3 hours to 4 hours. Later try turning on your Chromebook by pressing the power button.

If the LED light does not appear, try using a different charger. If it still does not get charged or does not turn on, there is a huge probability that the issue is with your device's internal battery or charging ports.

2. Did you try the hard reboot?

This is probably something every Chromebook user might do every time any minor issue is experienced with the device. So if your device does turn on, but the screen does not seem to respond or stays black, you can use this.

To do a hard reboot:

  1. Press and hold the refresh+power key
  2. The hard reboot will clear your RAM caches before turning on.

This might probably solve your issue in the easiest way possible.

3. Is there a USB connected?

Sometimes, when you switch on your Chromebook, if there is a USB device plugged in, this can interfere with the booting of the OS. So when you are experiencing a problem, we recommend removing any connected devices and plugging it back in after booting the OS entirely.

4. The sync issue

Sometimes when you switch your Chromebook on, you won't sign in to your device. This probably is a sync issue with your Chromebook and google account. So try signing in as a guest at first or use another account to solve this problem.

5. Clear out space

If you are able to go past the issue and switch it on, but your Chromebook keeps crashing, then try deleting or unused google chrome extensions and apps on your Chromebook. This can let you use your system without crashing.

6. Maybe..an update?

After turning your Chromebook on, the crashing problem can be because your chrome OS is not up to date. So go for an update! Update your Chrome OS and make sure that you are running the latest version of the Chrome OS. This is a perfect potential solution to almost all of the problems you might ensure on your Chromebook.

7. Go for a flush in!

If none of these solutions solve your issue, then go for this one as the last attempt. You have to do the complete factory reset of your Chromebook. It is called as a power wash in Chromebook terms. You can access this either in the settings bar of your Chromebook or on the chrome browser.

NOTE: Something to be noted before you carry out this step to solve your issue is to erase all the files on your Chromebook when you do this. So make sure that you have the backup for every file before doing this.

8. Contact support

If none of this tends to solve your issue, there chances that your issue might be because of some fault in your hardware. So it would be better to get your Chromebook serviced by contacting your manufacturer. If your warranty is still intact, you might even get it done for free. Also, consider upgrading your Chromebook to a Google pixelbook.

9. replace your battery

If none of this seems to solve the issue and you have a spare battery, try fixing the new battery into your Chromebook. This can solve your issue if the issue is with your battery.

NOTE: Doing this can void your manufacturer warranty, so please about doing it by yourself if you can contact the manufacturer and let this step be a last resort.


factory reset school chromebook

I hope all this will solve your issue. All you have to do is find out what exactly the issue is. Once you find the reason, act according to it from one of the ways mentioned above and solve the issue for yourself without spending any more money on your Chromebook. I hope you got the answer for Why Won’t My Chromebook Turn On in this article. Now fix it for yourself!!

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