How To Remove Mechanical Keyboard Keys (Quick & Easy Way)

With the changing time, in a way or the other, we have all become techno-savvy. And we tend to spend most of our time in front of our computers. And that is why the way we take of ourselves of the things that we love makes it equally important to love the computers in the same way. Also, this ensures that its good condition is maintained, which also guarantees its longevity.

If we dig deep, we shall find out that keyboards are one of those things that need deep cleaning and need to be well-maintained. Even if you are a gamer  choosing  your ideal mechanical keyboard for gaming is important as cleaning your keyboard in once in a while to keep it in condition.

how to remove mechanical keyboard keys

Suppose you want to clean your mechanical keyboard keys but do not know how to do it and is confused. Then, don't worry! Because I am here for the rescue. Stay tuned because this article shall act as a guide for you, and you shall know all the insights of cleaning the Mechanical Keyboard.

Also, check the mechanical Keyboard's preventive measures and cleaning techniques without removing the keys in this how to clean mechanical keyboard article. Without wasting a moment further. Let's dive in.

How to Remove Mechanical Keyboard Keys

To remove mechanical keyboard keys in effectively and efficiently way you can use a keycap puller or use your hand. However, it will help if you choose a mechanical Keycap puller. But if you don't wish to take any risk, then you must choose what tool you want to use as your keycap puller. You can either choose Plastic keycap puller, Wire Keycap Puller or DIY keycap puller.

Let's slide into our next step where you shall be learning to remove Keycap using different keycap pullers

by using Wire KeyCap puller

The choice is all yours, but I would suggest you a professional approach as it is a technical thing. And, therefore choose the second option that is Wire Keycap Puller. It is also preferred because fewer chances of your keyboard side will get scratch when you use this.

Using a wire Key Cap puller, you must slide the metal wires beneath the keys' bottom. After you have successfully put the cables beneath, you shall be able to pull them off, and you are good to go.

by using Plastic KeyCap puller

Next up, if you are using a plastic KeyCap puller, you need to be extra aware. Here, it would help if you kept the puller sliding into the key and over the keycaps until the plastic snaps reach out to the plastic photos underneath the Keycap.

What you all need to do is to get enough leverage so that you can pull up on the Keys to resist the friction. Once you overcome the conflict, you would be able to pull off the keycaps, and your work will be done.


By using Hand

Finally, if you are using hand, it will be difficult for you to remove the first Keycap. You might also require long nails, so it will be very beneficial for you if you have long nails  Next up, as soon as you remove the first Keycap, it will be straightforward to remove the other ones.

All you require to do is gently pull and wiggle the keycap puller. And, keep on increasing the force until the Keycap comes off. If you try to yank the keycaps, you might have to lose out on your Keyboard. Therefore, you are required to be extra cautious.

kepcap removed BY USING HAND

Points to remember

This is a hazardous process.  And that is why proper care should be taken while doing it. When it comes to the larger keys such as space key or the shift key for that matter, be sure that it will be a bit tougher, which is why you need to be extra cautious. It is because the larger keys are attached to the Stabilizer stems.

The best thing you can do while removing big keys is to remove the one side first and then remove the other. And, this is all you need to do. Isn't it straightforward to pull out the keycaps from the mechanical Keyboard?

If you cannot get your hands on a technical keycap puller and are afraid of using your hands, don't worry because you can make one yourself. Yes, you heard it right! And, for this, you need paper clips and your fingers.

I must tell you that this is not a great substitute, but can do your work pretty well. Therefore, you can choose to use it. Hold a paper clip in your hand, then unfold it and then convert it into an L shape. After this, you can begin the process of removal. Take a paper pin that you have just tilted and then slide it under a keycap and then lift it and it would come out.


I hope this 'how to remove mechanical keyboard keys' article will help you to clean your keyboard. I am pretty sure of the fact that you are going to like the information presented above.

Suppose you think that you missed out on any part that needs to be elaborated, let us know all in the comment section. If you like it, then make it a point to share with your friends and family whose Keyboard also needs to be cleaning. Happy Cleaning!

how to remove mechanical keyboard keys

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