What Is A Projector Hush Box (Definitive Guide)

As we all know that some projectors produce noise. Well, it depends on the components that are used for making the projector. Therefore to prevent this sound, there is one solution called Projector hush box.

A projector hush box is mostly used to dumping the noise produced by internal fans that is present inside the projector. So, today we will tell you about all the information related to the projector hush box.

When you use a hush box in a setting, your video experience will become great. Along with this, it provides an efficient supply of air to cool your projector when it is used for a long period of time.

projector hush box

Why do you need a hush box for your projector?

Imagine you are sitting in a room to watch movies and your projector is making some noise and disturbing you. Sometimes, you will try to ignore it, but you find it continuously annoying and disturbing to your projector as the movie goes on.

Some projector gives out unwanted noise which is totally normal. The noise is mostly because of that clunky projector fan noise, that is just not comfortable to your ears. But you can avoid this by using a projector hush box.

If you place your projector in this box, it will automatically reduce sound. You will not hear any noise while the projector is running as it silences the fan-produced noise inside the projector entirely. This is why you need a hush box for a projector.

projector hush box

Components of projector hush box

1. Physical Enclosure

The box is usually made up of good material. Well, you know that wood is not the best insulator of sound. But it is a good option to build the outbox. That's why physical inclusion must be approximately 3 to 6 inches, more extensive from the projector's dimension. Let's take an example if your projector is 12.2×11.2×4.8 inches. Then your projector hush box must be 17×16×9 inches.

Therefore hush box should be prominent that allows proper airflow, heat, and another component of the room. If the enclosure is not significant, then your heat will not exit correctly, leading to overheating and it may result in projector shut down. As it is expected, overheating will cause a significant problem to your projector and leads to fire hazard.

Therefore it is advisable to use two-layered wooden boxes that contains both the inside and outside layers since it will help to trap sound in the projector as sound will not easily pass through the double-layered box.

2. Sound Absorbing Foam

Sound observing foam is the main component of the hush box as it reduces the noise produced by the projector, its sound is passed through the air and bounces off towards the wall. Suppose if you put your projector in a wooden box without any insulation material, it will result in an increment of noise that is produced by the projector. So Sound waves will bounce all inside the box and lead to loud sound.

That's why proper insulating foam is required to observe sound. It will absorb sound as a sponge absorbs water. This type of foam is made from soft material and helps in damping the amount of noise.

This type of foam is known as the acoustic form that is relatively cheaper. You get many of foam at around $ 15. Therefore Hush box is fully covered with sound-absorbing foam.

3. Fan

Every hush box has a fan that helps in circulating the air. If the air is not moving, your box will overheat and lead to the projector's shutdown. Many projectors have single or even multiply intakes to pass air. Therefore the hush box has a semi-massive fan that is installed.

Since the massive fan will be quieter and quickly move than the smaller one and it is also located at the end of the box it will help in reducing sound.

4. Air Filter

Since dust will come into the hush box, you need to install air filters in your hush box. If there is too much dust, it will cause the fans to sound louder than the normal. Though you can't block 100% dust entering your projector, you can reduce the dust level to certain extent. Make sure to clean your hush box occasionally.

So it is essential to add dust filters that keep away an amount of dust entering your projector. If you are not using any filtration you need to clean the hush box occasionally.


It is suggested to make a hush box on your own. This is because they are not available regularly in the market and if they are for sale, the price ranges from $ 500 to $ 2500 for small projectors. Therefore you need not spend this large amount on this hush box. You can buy a new projector for this price. Therefore it is highly suggested to build your hush box. 

That's all about a projector hush box. I hope this article clears all the doubts you had regarding the hush box. Remember, it is crucial to keep your hush box clean. 

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