How To Measure Laptop Size For Bag | Detailed Guide


Are you planning to buy a bag for your new laptop? But, not sure which size? To purchase any good laptop bag, you must first understand the exact size of your laptop.

If you are a corporate techie or creative professional, then most probably you will carry your business laptop around most of the time. Luckily, our bags do all the carrying for us and protect it at the same time with drop-tested, padded compartments. 

Knowing your laptop size is essential when considering buying for your travels or buying a laptop bag to carry the laptop anywhere you go. Without a prior inspection of your laptop size, if you go shopping online for a safety laptop bag, there is a possibility you may end up buying the wrong size or low-quality bag, which makes your money go in vain.

How To Measure Laptop Size

In this article, I will share with you some easy ways to measure laptop size with 100% accuracy.

Things To Remember Before Measuring Laptop Size

  • The scale factor is 1:8 inches on your measuring tape such as 1.1", 1.2",1.3".. etc. If you find it difficult to measure, you can simply use a calculator to convert the inches into centimeters.
  • To avoid measuring a laptop at home make sure you see the size just before buying the laptop.
  • All manufacturers have their own measurement guidelines.
  • Always consider extra cm or inches to that measurement because the outside material covering the laptop has to be measured too.

Ways To Measure Laptop Size

When it comes to measuring, many users have questions like What size backpack do I have for my laptop? What is the width of the laptop? What is the size of the sleeve of the laptop? In this article, you will get answers to all such questions.

And without any further doubt, you would be able to choose the best bag for your laptop that fits perfectly. Here, I will present the ways in a step by step manner, so it becomes easier for you and readable.

1) Measuring by Tape

This is the simplest way to measure your screen with your regular measuring tape available on the market. Some measuring tapes indicate numbers in inches as well as centimeters. If possible, try buying the one that specifies both criteria.

How To Measure Laptop Size

Diagonal measurement

With the help of a measuring tape, you can measure your laptop size diagonally. Place the tape on the extreme edge to the bottom of another corner to measure the accurate diagonal length of your laptop. Ignore the screen size because we are considering the actual size of the extent.

Height measurement

In order to get a perfect calculation, you must have this aspect with you. To measure the height you should lock the flap first and then with the help of a measuring tape check height from the top side of the laptop and stretch the tape to the bottom of your laptop.

Width measurement

Whenever you measure any object/electronics item the major aspect is height and width. We've already discussed how you should measure height, now let's see how width can be measured using a measuring tape;

First, place the measuring tape at the bottom left of your laptop and then lunge the tape till you reach the bottom right of the laptop.

Depth measurement

Depth is also an important element of measuring any item. This tells us about the exact thickness of the product and how much does it contribute to overall product measurement. Place the measuring ribbon on the top right of the laptop and stretch it to underneath your laptop to measure the depth.

Corner-to-corner measurement

While measuring the size you only focus on the visible parts and neglect the parts which seem less important to measure, but it's important to calculate as well. Take the screen's left corner into consideration and drag the tape towards the ending point.

2) Use Measure App on iPhone

If you own an iPhone, you perhaps don't need a ruler or a measuring tape to know the exact size of your computer or laptop. With its iOS 12 update iPhone and other iOS devices have included a built-in app titled 'Measure'. If you haven't updated to iOS 12 yet, then please update it first in order to take benefit of this application.

If you use android devices, you too can take advantage of this app, simply go to Google play on your phone and download the app 'Measure.' With the help of this app, you can mention all dimensions of your device to be measured.

How To Measure Laptop Size

Now, let me take you to the step-by-step on how this application works.

  • Install the 'Measure' app on your iPhone.
  • Move your iPhone around the item to be measured until you see the circle on your app screen. The app itself will suggest or give instructions asking you to move around your phone in the right direction, so that it can scan the item you're targeting to.
  • Move your phone around to get a starting point for the device or item you want to measure.
  • Click on the + button at the bottom if you wish to add a point, in between if you make any mistake you can click on the Undo button on the top corner to start over again.
  • Move your phone to the very endpoint of the line that appears on the screen of your phone, then click the + button again to end the line. Along with the line you'll see measurements of the item you focus.
  • Click on the measurement to see conversions to other units. 

This is a convenient way to measure the size and dimensions of your laptop. If you wish to shop for a new laptop bag and quickly need to know the size of your laptop, this app is really useful.


Now, that you have understood everything about how to measure the size of your laptop it will be easier for you to pick the right backpack for your laptop. I, hope this article was helpful for you to choose the right bag and give you 100% accurate measures. 

Did any of the above solutions helped you to measure laptop size? Then comment your thoughts on the comment section 🙂

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