How To Make Mechanical Keyboard Quieter

Nowadays, people choose a quality mechanical keyboard to attain more comfort, speed, and these keyboards are perfect for wild uses.

But the problem is that mechanical keyboards are extremely loud even it has made up of good quality. Working with them can make a lot of noise. If you are sleeping with your brother or even your parents, working mainly at night it's been pretty hard. So need to know how to make mechanical keyboard quieter.

This is why you need to choose the best way to keep your keyboard quite in the proper way; you can do it. It will help you to manage out your work and help you to type stealthily.

How To Make Quiet typing

How To Make Mechanical Keyboard Quieter?

Below, I have mentioned some of the effective ways by which you can make mechanical keyword quieter.

Use a desk mat

To silence your mechanical keyboard, you will need the help of a desk mat.

It is the best way through which you can silence your mechanical keyboard properly. All you have to do is buy a mat from the store that can be placed around your keyboard. Make sure that you are choosing a microfiber mat from the store or else it won't work.

Place the mat beneath the mechanical keyboard and then type stealthily like a boss. All you have to do is that the desk mat does not create friction between the writing surface. This is why it becomes so more comfortable to use the mat instead of others.

How To Make Mechanical Keyboard Quieter
You can use foam inside the keyboard

The mechanical keyboard becomes silent only if you have a foam installed or kept inside the same. The mod that you have prepared for yourself will help you manage out the best and work amazingly.

Just take out the mechanical keyboard and then screw it down. Add the foam inside the mechanical keyboard and make sure that you are covering the corners. Place the foam with a proper handler and then manage out the best by typing onto the mechanical keyboard in a stealth way. It will help you to produce less noise.

How To Make Mechanical Keyboard Quieter
Here are the type of forms you can choose

Sorbothane: This foam is considered a great solution to reduces the quantity of effect and shocks the maximum. It's quite luxurious, so you can usually pick out any other choice if you wished.

Neoprene: This a bit extra finances-friendly. Neoprene is your 2nd-fine wager for a dampened keyboard. 

Shelf-liner: If cash is tight, shelf-liner can paintings right as correctly. You receive it and get the same outcomes as Neoprene or Sorbothane; however, the distinction will be substantive. 

Packing foam: This could sound ordinary, but we've made packing foam paintings in the past as a dampener. Having any form of foam interior can help you in making your mechanical quieter.

Try to install the rubber rings

Have you ever tried to silence your mechanical keyboard by putting the rubber o rings on them? If not, then here is your way of doing so. Take out the keyboard which you have and then clean out the dust from the board. Ensure that you are doing a pretty good job or else the rubber o rings' installation won't fit your keyboard and can cause you a general issue later on.

Then the rubber o rings installed in your keyboard will help you type like a boss. They ate the big back, and they are entirely reasonable and affordable at the same price. 0 rings are good enough for you with the RGB lighting and are good enough for you and help you to have proper management on your keyboard.

It might make you feel mushy and unpleasant to feel at the same time. This mod might not be for everyone else.

How To Make Mechanical Keyboard Quieter
Stabilizer are good mods for bigger keys

This is wherein the mods begin to get a bit greater hard. These mods require extra attempt and coaching, however, are certainly worth it.

The stabilizers are the factor that helps balance the bigger keys (inclusive of the distance bar) to maintain them from rattling and shaking. Modding your stabilizers is a wonderful way to get higher sounding (and quieter) stabilizers. This mod is a 3 step system wherein you'll want to band-aid, clip, and lube the stabilizers.

Band-aid: making use of a small band-aid to the location wherein the stabilizer moves the PCB is a super way to lower the stabilizers' sound level. The band-useful resource essentially dampens the keystroke.

How To Make Mechanical Keyboard Quieter


How To Make Quiet typing

These are some amazing mods for you that can help you manage the sound coming from your mechanical keyboard. Some mods which are presented here might not work for everyone.

If you think that you can come up with a DIY mod with yourself, all on your own, then feel free to let us know. Hope this how to make mechanical keyboard quieter article helps you, and you can type in peace!

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