How To Get Sound From Projector To Speakers

Technology has made our life easy. Without stepping out of your house you can simply enjoy watching a movie with your friends at your home with an amazing audio experience. Wondering how? Yes, you can connect your projector and speakers to get theatre like feel at home. In this article we will learn how to get sound from projector from speakers.

Sometimes it becomes frustrating if you are not able to get your equipment work together. So, don’t worry, I will provide you the best ways to set up your sound from your projector to speakers. 

How to get sound from projector to speakers

There are 5 steps given below. Follow these steps to connect projector to speakers easily.

1. Connect the cables

First you need to set up your home theater. You have to know all information about the hardware. There are some cables necessary for you to connect your projector with the speakers. So, for every device, you will need a power cord and a cable to connect your speaker to the projector for getting audio.

2. Turn off the projector, along with Speakers

This is the first thing to do before anything else is to turn off your speakers and the projector. So before you start connecting both make sure that your projectors and speakers are turned off.

3. ​Locate the projectors audio jack and connect it

Next you need to locate the projectors audio jack to hook up your speakers to the projector. Now plug your audio cord into your projector but before that again make sure that your speaker and projector is turned off.

4. Turn On the speaker and projector and test the audio signal

Once the connection between the speaker and projector is done, turn on the devices
and test whether your audio signal is working. If you have connected properly your setup will work otherwise it might need some troubleshooting.

5. ​Troubleshooting audio connection

When the connection between the speaker and projector is not successful, then do some troubleshooting. First check whether you have turned the power on. Then check whether you have connected the speaker and the projector on the right port. If the connection is loose then it might not cause the right connection.


sound from projector to speakers

It must be challenging to choose the market’s best projector speaker. After all, there is a lot of problems faced by us to find virtually speaker. Therefore you have to begin with the perfect projector speaker to set up. Here are some best products that will help you decide the best projector speakers at your home audio system.

So, here is the complete guide on how to get sound from the projector to Speaker. By reading this article, you will understand how to connect both the devices and I hope you don't face any issue while connecting the speaker with your projector. This is a very simple guide, if you have any doubts while connecting, then comment them below.

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