How To Clean Projector Lens | Ultimate Cleaning Tips

If you want to learn how to clean projector lens, then this article is for you. Nowadays, dust particles are junking the projector lens and the visuals are not clear.

Many of you face a lot of problems while video playing. These dust particles do not get clear from a household cleaner. Therefore, today we will provide you Quick guide on how to clean your projector lens. From using this guide, you will quickly rectify the projector lens.

clean projector lens

How Dust Affects The Image Quality Of Your Projector

The dust that is accumulated on the projector screen will affect your projection quality. If your projectors have prolonged exposure to dust, then the minute particles will get occupied inside the projector lens and it leads to diminished performance on brightness and color. This may also speed up the aging of the optical components.

Steps to clean the projector lens

How To Clean Projector Lens
  • First, your projector must be powered off and kept to cool for at least 20 minutes. 
  • Now you have to use a compressed air, or you can use a manual lens floor. Using them, you can easily blow any debris that is gathered on the lens.
  • One thing you have to keep in mind is that your compressed air must be upright. You have to spray the short burst few inches from the projector otherwise it might damage the glass.
  • That’s why lens brushes are specially designed to clean the camera and projector lens. It will rectify your lens without any damage. You have to brush the lens in a circular motion to remove any dust and particles.
  • You can use any lens, whether single-use lens wipes or microfiber cloth.

Even you can gently wipe your projector lens in a circular motion. So these are some steps which will help you to clean your projector lens without any problem. Therefore follow these steps, and they all are quite simple and easy.

Things not to do while cleaning projector lens?

  • Never use any T-shirt to clean your lens. Since it will get scratch to your glass, even if they are soft, don’t use it.
  • Secondly, you should not blow on lens to dust or to clean the lens since your breath acidity will damage the indent coating. You would be literally spitting on the lens, so it is advisable to use lens wipes to clean the lens.
  • Don’t touch your lens with your fingers or any other products. The products that are specifically labeled to clean your projector lens must be used to clean as the wrong wipes will damage your lens.

How to prevent dust on the projector lens?

There is only one way to prevent your projector lens from getting dirty. You have to use a lens cap whenever you are not using the projector. For example, if you leave your house for a long time, you will notice how much dust is gathered on your electronics devices.

Therefore it is understandable that if your electric projector glasses are exposed longer, there will be more dust collected. So it is quite simple to understand if you want to use your projector from getting dirty you must put on the lens cap and store it in a clean place. So, you don’t have to wait out to collect dust on the projector lens.

clean projector lens

How often you must clean projector lens?

It is quite a tricky question. Well, the answer depends on the way you use your projector.  Whenever you use your projector lens, you must clean it once after using it.

So if projector lens are dirty, then you can clean them. If there is no drop in video quality ie. the projection quality is good, then there is no need to clean the lens. However, it is recommended to clean your projector lens every three to four months.

Points To Be Noted While Clean Projector Lens

By keeping your projector lens clean. You can quickly improve the image quality of your video. Though it will enhance the quality of your photos and videos, don’t use any wrong products for cleaning as it will damage your glass or, sometimes, electronics from inside.

  • You have to wipe the projector lens in a circular motion. Just follow the outward from the middle pattern.
  • If you are wiping the same area many times, that means you are spreading the debris around the projector glass.
  • Always, Use high-quality products that are specially designed and labeled to clean projector lenses.
  • To avoid damaging the lens glass, use air canister spray for a short burst.

So, these are some of the points to be noted while cleaning the projector lens. If you follow these instructions carefully, your lens will never get damaged and dirty and it is have a good lifespan.


clean projector lens

Therefore, this is the complete guide on how to clean your projector lens. And from this, you will get that it is an immensely more comfortable, cost-effective and straightforward process.

Since the clean projector lens will make your projector work fresh and improve your picture quality, you have to prevent your lens from getting dirty. So try to put on the projector lens cap whenever the projector is not in use and thus you can prolong the lifespan of the projector.

I hope that this article was useful for you. If you know a different technique on cleaning the projector lens, then comment it below. 

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