How To Clean Mechanical Keyboard Within 3 Minutes

Dirty Mechanical Keyboard

If you have a mechanical keyboard, then you know how to clean mechanical keyboard and the issues of cleaning it. Mechanical keyboards specially made for gaming to withstand high pressure. If you don't clean it frequently, it causes problems like sticky keys and many more. Sticky keys are one of the major issue in the mechanical keyboard; it disturbs and irritates you while gaming and typing.

You have to take care of a lot of things before you start cleaning off your mechanical keyboard. It takes time, but you will surely get the hang of it with the right techniques in place.

preventive cleaning Process

You must ease your keyboard gently on a normal basis. Stopping grime accumulation is essential, and it is even greater essential if you consume subsequent on your keyboard. Over the years, dust and meals will partially fuse to the painted metallic plate that supports each key switch. That’s both nasty and inconvenient because the debris should be brushed away as soon as attached.

Here are the things you have to do accordingly.

  • Unplug the keyboard which you have. Make sure that you are using and taking preventive measures while the time of unplugging.
  • Use the help of any vacuum cleaner to remove the dust from the plate. The keyboard is deep-rooted and any accumulated dust can cause a lot of issues later on. Take the vacuum cleaner and keep it at the lowest speed. Don't put it too close to your keyboards or else it will malfunction. Put it and make it swirl around the keyboard and each key at a time. It will help you to be fully functional and remove the dust accordingly. 
  • If you have a microfibre, then wipe the entire keyboard with the help of the microfibre cloth. This is essential since the dust which you have sucked through the cleaner is not an efficient result. It can cause you much trouble later on. This is why it is easier for you to grab a piece of clothing around your home and then make the cleaning process wholly done.

Avoid canned air in any respect charges while cleansing keyboards, as two poor aspect effects are viable. First, canned air is pretty cold while they are being released. That can cause scratches or worn metal surfaces, resulting in corrosion or fused dirt.

Canned air can also blow dirt without delay into a keyboard's switches, ensuing in an unsightly gritty feeling. Vacuum cleaners conquer those troubles by pulling room temperature air and dirt away from the switches. It is good to clean off your keyboard in the open.

how to clean mechanical keyboard

deferred cleaning process

Here is how you can choose to defer clean your keyboard.

  • Take the help of a sprinter or a picking device. Ensure that the thing you are choosing is not too pointy or else it will cause you trouble later on.
  • Take out every key individually. Make sure that you do it under the guidance of someone. Taking out the keys can be a challenging task to do and this is why you need to have a proper understanding of how it works. Don't uproot the keys from the board, just like that.
Deferred Cleaning Process
  • Once you have taken out the keys, put them into a bowl. Mix the bowl with some spirit and vinegar to help clean the keys which you have. Take a microfibre cloth and then near clean each key which is present. 
  • Take a cotton swab and do your next work. With the cotton swab's help, dab some vinegar onto the board and then clean every corner of the board, present. The cotton swab is taken because it can reach places that your hand cannot and it becomes really easy for you to clean. 
  • Take a microfibre cloth and then gently dab it onto the surface. Don't do it harshly or else it can clean off your board's color, which might cause negative effects later on. Make sure that you have a perfectly clean board with the help of the technique given.
Deferred Cleaning Process


how to clean mechanical keyboard

There are a lot of different ways through which you can clean a mechanical keyboard. It completely depends on your cleaning technique and how you are going about the same. 

Once you are done with your cleaning, you can get a microfibre cloth and clean off the residue which is present. Make sure that you are cleaning it off very carefully or else it can cause adverse effects later on.

Advanced cleaning techniques are always better since it can help you to have a thorough check and clean your keyboard accordingly.  Hope you have now learned how to clean mechanical keyboard.

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