How To Charge Laptop Battery Manually [Learn Simple Tricks]

In this article, let's talk about how to Charge Laptop Battery Manually. We know that all high-tech devices have original chargers for them to assess their specific devices. There is no other way to charge your device without the original charger.

But, if you have some skills, you can do any impossible things. Right? So, you can also charge your laptop battery without setting it with the original chargers just by using some technical knowledge.

Know that you can always trust your laptop’s battery by using some unconventional ways if the conventional methods are not working. There are many other battery charging hacks that can help you to save your day.


When you cannot charge your laptop battery with the original charger, or’ suppose you cannot find the charger, then you can use this method. If you want to charge your laptop battery manually due to unpredictable situations, you should know some basic things before that.



It is the most viable and straightforward method to charge a laptop without using the original charger. To bring your dead battery to life, this is the easiest method. 

To use a universal power adaptor, you must employ the techniques carefully. Mainly, laptop batteries are only compatible with their adaptors.

So, using a universal power adaptor can be very challenging and can also inflict severe damage to your laptop. When we say universal adaptors, it is not always necessarily a universal adaptor. 

Charge Laptop Battery Manually

A universal power adaptor only supports some particular models of the laptop. You can find the universal power adaptor in the market, like in the electric shop. This universal power adaptor is very affordable and makes it super easy for you to charge your laptop.

There is no specific adaptor for your laptop model. There are only available adaptors for Chromebook, Lenovo, Dell or HP laptops. Before buying a universal power adaptor, make sure to check the reviews. Make sure that the adaptor works perfectly without any additional risks.


We know that laptops have USB ports. So, you can’t use them as a charger port directly. USB ports are mainly used to transfer data from a laptop to another device.

So, you may be pondering to know how to charge a laptop battery manually by using USB. Using a USB is the best method people resort to when they try to charge the battery outside of the laptop. 

USB has a new standard to transfer data and to charge devices. So, you can employ these techniques to charge your laptop battery as well. You will need a versatile and specific connector to connect all the tools. You won’t find it difficult to charge your laptop battery using USB-cord.

Charge Laptop Battery Manually


Another solution to charge your laptop battery manually is to buy a new or external battery charger. It’s readily available in the markets. You can also buy an original third party charge. But make sure that the party charge which you choose is compatible with your laptop.

Using an external battery charger is a powerful thing to charge your device without using the original one. An external battery charger is not directly plugged into the laptop.

Charge Laptop Battery Manually

To set your battery, you will need to remove the battery from your computer and then connect it to the external battery charger. Now connect to the electrical outlet.  When your battery us charged utterly, make sure to remove the charger and install your battery to the laptop. It is a safe process for your device’s battery to charge it manually.


Are you wondering how an AC adaptor can help to charge your laptop battery manually? Is it even possible to do so? So, let us tell you that this option can be used to charge your laptop’s battery.

But, to use this option, your laptop battery must have an AC adaptor hookup. If your computer has an AC adaptor connector, then you can connect the AC adaptor to your laptop port to charge it.

If you don’t have the dock, you can buy a connector to secure it and manually charge your laptop battery.

Charge Laptop Battery Manually


This method is super beneficial when you are traveling. Charging your laptop battery with the travel adaptor can be a good choice. You can directly use a travel adaptor to charge your laptop battery manually.

Travel adaptors can only be used in a car, train, or airplane and are universal adaptors. It is also imperative that you should know the air or car charger works as expected.


By using a super laptop battery, you will not need your original charger to charge the battery.

You will have to remove the original battery from your laptop to install the super battery.

This super battery can give you seven hours backup of the power.


Yes, you heard the right thing. Solar energy can be used to charge your laptop battery manually. Solar energy kits are now top-rated to charge the devices.

The charging device takes to power through a solar panel. It charges your shower with the presence of power sun. Nowadays, solar kits are manually designed smaller, flexible, and efficient photo versatile cells.

You can buy this solar kit to charge your laptop battery at a very affordable price manually.


Charge Laptop Battery Manually

I hope that the techniques mentioned above may help you charge the laptop battery manually in the best possible way. Also, you need to take special care of your batteries as they are the fundamental part of your laptop. 

It is advisable to use the technique carefully to maintain your laptop battery. Be very conscious while using those methods as your single mistake for misuse can damage your property.

This is all about 'how to charge laptop battery manually and if you have any new methods to charge a battery manually other than the ones mentioned above, then comment them below.

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