How Long Do Automatic Watches Last

It's everybody’s dream to own one such lavish watch that they can keep in their luxury collection or a watch that can be passed on to their progeny. But now that technology has taken over the entire world, watches couldn’t be spared as well. That is when we were introduced to automatic watches.

Are automatic watches good? Of course they are. They are good in every way possible. The only pitfall for these watches is, they are expensive. Nevertheless, automatic watches are still good for many reasons other than being just expensive. 

How Long Do Automatic Watches Last

In this article my major focus would be on discovering automatic watch lifespan. So, if you are interested to know how long do automatic watches last, keep reading ahead. Some people are totally unaware of what does automatic mean on a watch. They can also read the next section to understand better. 

What is an automatic watch?

Sad thing for any watch owner is when their mechanical watch keeps stopping or doesn't show accurate time when needed the most. Busy people always need to stay on the clock. Thus, for such people an automatic watch would be a great option. Yet, it is common for people to wonder how automatic watches work without any need of battery or frequent recharge. To know that you must first know what an automatic movement watch or what does automatic watch mean?

Automatic Watch

Auto wrist watch, also commonly known as a self-winding watch, is basically a type of mechanical watch that relies on the wearer’s movement to function. The mechanism of automatic watches is designed in such a way that it will get power from wrist movement of the wearer. This is their forte that makes it stand out. But, there’s also one disadvantage, if you do not wear a watch even for sometime, the stop would stop quickly.

Watches stopping suddenly is quite normal in case of automatic watches. Thus, if you want it to run continuously either you have to keep wearing it the whole time or you have to buy an automatic watch winding case.

What to look for in an automatic watch?

Fashion is a broad term that holds huge significance in today’s time. People who are not fond of luxurious accessories are hard to find these days. Having said that, luxurious accessories are very nice to own but only when you have a flexible budget for it.

When I say accessory I mean watches, because it is the most loved luxury accessory and there is no outfit that seem complete without an classy watch. Auto winding watches have become latest fashion trend so almost every person owns an automatic watch that they carry for everyday get-ups. But, as you know already how automatic watch work, if you don’t provide what it needs, automatic watch stops working.

To avoid this problem, you must choose your auto mechanical watches wisely. If you are planning on buying specifically from the category “automatic watches mens” or “automatic self winding women watches” then you must look for certain factors that will help you make a good buying decision.

What To Look For In An Automatic Watch?
  • Watch movement

Automatic watch movements are essential when it comes to buying an expensive watch thus this parameter cannot be overruled. This is the first thing to consider after considering how your watch looks. Of course, you first must consider the looks of the watch or what’s the point if you don’t admire the watch you’ve bought with your hard earned money. So, get a watch that you like then look for watch movements.

In auto mechanical watches, there are two types of movements: Quartz and Automatic. Quartz stainless steel automatic watches are battery powered whereas Automatic movement watches function with the help of a rotor that works only when the wearer moves this arm or wrist. It gets charged automatically hence, named so.

  • Size

The size of the watch highly matters especially in the case of automatic watches. If your watch is on the smaller side or too bigger side, it would be hard for the centerpiece to function properly i.e Dial. Nowadays watches are available in different sizes such as automatic watches mens range from 36mm to 44mm while women’s automatic watches are available in 36mm sizes. Thus, having a watch of the perfect size is crucial for the watch’s automatic movements.

  • Price

Generally, fossil automatic watch winding features are hard to find in traditional watches, thus they are expensive. But there are also some top automatic watches under 500 that is made available for you at cheaper prices. So, choose what fits best in your budget. 

Many of you might wonder how long do quartz watches last or how do automatic watches work in real-time. Well, it is not very hard to guess as quartz watches depend on batteries, so as long as the battery runs, the watch will last. Once the battery is dead automatic watch stop working until the time you go for automatic watch repairs or recharging the battery.

Is it bad to let your automatic watch stop?

I believe it is okay to let your watch stop if it’s unintentional. Do automatic watches need batteries? No, Automatic watches do not run on batteries so even if you let your watch stop for a day or two it would cause no harm. So, if you don’t want to wear it for a day it is okay to let your automatic watch stop.

Automatic Watch

How long does an automatic watch stay wound?

Automatic watches initially used to last only for a day or maybe just a few hours after winding. But, as years passed technological advancements reached a peak. Even automatic watches were leveled up in terms of design, styles, and lifespan. Latest automatic watches can now stay wound for days or weeks without winding. Watches' automatic movement helps determine how long your watch will stay wounded. If you turn the crown 30-40times in the morning it would stay active throughout the day.

If you see theoretically, an automatic watch can go up to 40 hours of life without winding, but that certainly depends on the type of watch you choose. Some watches offer higher durability while some offer less. If you want your watch to stay wounded for the longest time you must wear it every day. Fully automatic watches are the longest-lasting watches because they can wound themselves without any external push.

How long do automatic watches last without being worn?

What would you do if suddenly your automatic watch stopped working, you wouldn’t take it for a repair, obviously. Instead, you would wound it yourself. This is how things work in the case of automatic watches. If you don’t wear your automatic watch for a while, it will stop functioning after the power reserve is completely drained out.

How long do watches last? With many predictions and reviews, it’s assumed that automatic watches can last for a week or two depending on how often you’ve wounded them before. So, the more your wound the longer the watch will last without being worn.

Properly storing automatic watches is also important. Keep the watch in dark places such as the wardrobe to ensure its safety and longevity.


Automatic watches are admired as they can convert motion into energy. All this process happens at a small level.

If you are planning on buying an automatic watch, I would highly recommend it because these watches save you money on batteries. I hope this article was helpful to understand how to keep the automatic watch running.

How Long Do Automatic Watches Last


  • Difference between manual watches and automatic watches?

Automatic watches are self-winding watches whereas manual watches are not self-winding watches. In such mechanical watches, watch automatic movements matter. The longer the automatic watch stays on your wrist the better it will wind itself. But, manual watches cannot do that. Whether you keep it on your wrist or not it will still deplete the power and stop working. You will have to hand-wind the manual watch to make it run again while the automatic watch self starts as soon as you put the watch back on your wrist.

  • Can you overwind an automatic watch?

An automatic watch not winding properly could become a concern after a certain use. It is an indication that you are not winding your watch to its fullest capacity. But, some people also have concerns about overwinding. Can you overwind an automatic watch? No, automatic watches have a built-in feature that prevents overwinding. Not all automatic watches have this feature. If you are afraid of overwinding the automatic watch and the watch does not have to slip spring function, then keep a count of how many turns are you making. Usually, it must be 30-40times.

  • How do you wind an automatic watch?

To know this, it is important for you to know what is the automatic watch? Automatic watches are those that rely on gears and mechanics to function. The anatomy of automatic watches is a little different than traditional watches. Automatic watches depend on the wearer’s wrist to function. If you keep the watch on your wrist all the time it will work perfectly but if you remove it will stop functioning due to a lack of enough power reserve.

There are three ways by which you can wind an automatic watch; They are 

1. Watches Automatic movement
2. Hand-winding
3. Watch winder.

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