Fountain Pen VS Calligraphy Pen | What’s The Difference?

fountain pen vs calligraphy pen

If you are a fan of writing on paper, you would know how much better it is to write using a fountain pen rather than a ballpoint or gel pen. Not just the essence of writing, a fountain pen is cherished, for it is a symbol of class and has a royal look when it is clipped onto the pocket of your shirts.

If you are more into such pens, you would know that they are further sub-classified based on their ink filling mechanism. One kind of fountain pen that is famous among artists is the calligraphy pens.

These calligraphy pens are similar to fountain pens in a lot of ways. The most important one is that they use a water-based ink that is usually sold in bottles for writing. And they differ from each other for their nibs. The calligraphy pens have nibs wider and have a flat edge, while fountain pens have pointed nibs.


Now you might wonder, why would someone choose a pen with a broad and wide tip? Let's say that they have their reasons. As mentioned earlier in the article, Calligraphy is an art of writing stylized fonts using those pens called calligraphy pens. In short, it is an art form itself, and your calligraphy pen is your tool for making art.

People usually connect using fountain pens and calligraphy pens with neat handwriting. This is true, and learning to use a fountain or a calligraphy pen to its best will make a great improvement in your handwriting. So which one to choose among the two is not something many people know of. Keep reading to get a clearer picture of penmanship in today's world.

What should be considered? FOUNTAIN PEN VS CALLIGRAPHY PEN

Many factors need to be considered while choosing between the two (a fountain pen and a calligraphy pen). However, we can assure you that you can either choose a fountain pen or calligraphy pen. Either can bring great changes to your handwriting and make it better than when you used to use a ballpoint pen.


This is the most basic question we all face as a consumer when we buy anything we need. Purchasing a fountain pen or calligraphy pen is not much different! We might have a budget set and will be looking to purchase the pen within the budget. We look for pens that are contained within our budgets. Even if there is no budget, the cost of the pen has to be reasonable.

So choose one that is good in quality and has a reasonable price among the two.

Thinking about your surrounding

As you already know, fountain pens are more environment friendly than ballpoint pens. These fountain pens have cartridges that as disposable and recyclable or can be refilled with ink. While ballpoint pens have plastic refills and a body that does not go well with our surroundings.

How easily can it be used?

When you buy a pen, you know that you will use it constantly, unlike other stuff. So always choose one that suits your comfort. Without a doubt, both fountain pens and calligraphy pens are easy and smooth to use than a ballpoint pen. However, the use and needs vary. So does the ease with which you can use it.

So choose a pen that suits your needs and one that sits smoothly between your fingers.

Is refilling still a nightmare?

There has been a lot of technological advancements in the field of fountain and calligraphy pens too. However, refilling ink into the pen is still seen as a tiring job. People refuse to buy fountain pens and stick to ballpoint pens for this reason.

In fountain pens, you have cartridges that can be changed often, provided to buy the right size, and then there is a piston-type ink filling mechanism and many such types of filling the ink that is once used.

Whereas in the case of a calligraphy pen, you need to dip it in the ink bottle now and then so that they could be used. Just like the quills used by harry potter. However, times have changed, and calligraphy pens now come with cartridges and other ink filling mechanisms.

Choose one that is not too frustrating so that you don't relapse back to using ballpoint pens.

How is the pen?

The quality of the product is the most important thing out of all the other things. So when you choose a pen, make sure that the one you chose has a good flow of ink from the nib and ensures complete ease in writing. Choose one with good flow, which suits your budget, be it a fountain or calligraphy pen.

Do I get something along with it for free?

Who doesn't like getting something for free, along with something you have just bought? It makes you look like you have had the upper hand on the deal and can be used with your pen.

Some fountain pens provide an extra complementary cartridge along with the pen. Similarly, a few calligraphy pens provide extra ink bottles or nibs of different sizes, and the pen, which sure does look profitable to the customer.

Choose one where you feel like you have struck a better deal!

Does it look good?

If you think a pen is all about writing, you are wrong! Fountain pens and calligraphy pens have a classy and pleasing look. Most people choose these pens for their looks. An impressive looking pen will tempt you to write, so never compromise the look.


Fountain Pen VS Calligraphy Pen

Choosing a pen among the two by deciding which one is the best is impossible in a fountain and calligraphy pen. You should select your pen wisely after considering all the above aspects. However, a major share of your choice should be influenced by your needs and personal preference.

If you are looking to buy a pen between Fountain pen vs Calligraphy pen that you will be using for daily activities, I would prefer a fountain pen over a calligraphy pen. However, if you are going to use it for art or utilizing fonts for an assignment, go for a calligraphy pen.

Both fountain pens and calligraphy pens are better than ballpoint pens in every way. However, ultimately the choice is yours!!!

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