Fountain Pen Vs Ballpoint – Which One is Best?

fountain pen vs ballpoint

If you still remember times before texting, you might know that we used to use pens and choose them with a lot of care. We had a lot of options back then. However, among all the other options, the most widely used ones were the fountain pen and ballpoint. In this article lets discuss about Fountain pen Vs Ballpoint.

People who use ballpoint pens might say that they are smooth and simpler to use. Also, they are easily available in the market at a lower price than fountain pens.

While the ones using a fountain pen would say that it is more comfortable. These fountain pens also give us the perfect vibe, and a greater percentage enhances the essence of writing.

Although these people might keep disputing with each statement stronger than the other, in this article, we will compare the two based on a few criteria before getting to a conclusion. Keep reading to know more.

fountain pen vs ballpoint

What have you got in your pockets ?

The basic and most commonly noted difference between the fountain and ballpoint pens are their costs. As you already know, Fountain pens are costlier than ballpoint pens.

You can even purchase a complete set of ballpoint pens for the price you pay to buy a fountain pen of good quality. This is one major difference between them.

Will it cost even more?

People are more concerned about whether it will cost more in case of a fountain pen, than the price you pay for buying one. But, if you look closer, a fountain pen can be filled using a cartridge by multiple purchasing cartridges or by purchasing an ink bottle to fill in the fountain pen, irrespective of the ink filling mechanism pen uses.

Although buying an ink bottle or cartridge does cost more, you need to buy a completely new pen after the ink is used up in the case of a ballpoint pen. 

Looking in closer detail, we will see that ballpoint pens have a lot of after-purchase expenses than the ink pen.

Thinking about your surrounding

As you already know, fountain pens are more environment friendly than ballpoint pens. These fountain pens have cartridges that as disposable and recyclable or can be refilled with ink. While ballpoint pens have plastic refills and a body that does not go well with our surroundings.

Magic on your fingers

Have you ever used a fountain pen? Then you know how smooth it feels to write using a fountain pen. This is because the ink flows through the tip of your pen's nib without applying a lot of pressure.

While in the case of ballpoint pens, you need to apply a certain amount of pressure so that the ink flows through the ball at the tip. Also, extensively using a ballpoint pen can give your finger a little uneasy pain.

How do we preserve it?

Is there even a procedure to maintain your pens in perfect condition? This is something that bothers people using pens regularly. It does have a procedure but not a difficult one.

For your fountain pens, you need to maintain them by cleaning the pen and refilling the ink from time to time. This is done so that the pen writes smoothly, and no obstruction is stuck in the cartridge or barrel that contains the ink.

While in the case of ballpoint pens, you do not have a maintenance procedure at all. This one is more like use and throws a pen most of the time.

Ink and leakage 

fountain pen vs ballpoint

We all want pens that can write more while using a little bit of ink so that we don't have to keep changing the ink or buying a new pen very often.

In fountain pens, it consumes a lot of ink while writing and can also leak at times. But ballpoint pens use only a little ink from the refill and write longer than the fountain pen. Also, they don't normally leak at all.

Where can you write on?

The ink used in a ballpoint is oil-based to write on any surfaces, including glossy ones and hard ones. Also, the ink does not dry up, giving you an added advantage.

While in a fountain pen, the ink is water-based and thus does dry up after a certain time. This cannot be used to write on surfaces like plastic and wood, where a ballpoint pen does work well with ease.

Everything depends on the ink

Ever got ink splashed on your favorite white shirt?  Have you wondered if it could be removed? Then you should read this!

As already mentioned, the ballpoint pens use oil-based ink and thus can be easily washed away from your clothes using a water-based solvent. While the water-based ink used in a fountain pen is difficult to wash out. However, the water-based ink in the fountain pen is also why you get a smooth flow while writing with them.

The bleeding paper

fountain pen vs ballpoint

You have ever noticed that when you write something on a page and get its impression on several pages behind it? Isn't it the most irritating thing to see your notebook with that impression on almost all of its pages?

Only if you have used your ballpoint pen. Yes!! Ballpoint pens do not produce such impressions owing to the oil-based ink used in them. While using a fountain pen, their water-based inks bleed through the paper very well and can make your notebooks look ugly.

 fountain pen vs ballpoint - The choice is yours 

Although we have a set of comparisons listed above, your personal opinion is most important. You decide what kind of pen to use. Fountain pens represent older and better times and have a classy look when it stays clipped on your pockets. While ballpoint pens represent the advancement of technology.

You should make your choices, depending on what serves your use better or what suits your personality and work line better. On the whole, it is your call!!


Although this was a comparison to find the fountain pen vs ballpoint, we can see that they serve different purposes. Each of them has inevitable downfalls, but also has other useful features that you definitely should never overlook.

So concluding, if you want to use a pen that uses environment-friendly, better ink flow, and classy touch to it, then go for a fountain pen.

If you are looking for one with low maintenance (or no maintenance), disposable, and standing with the advancing technology, then go for a ballpoint pen. As I said, the choice is yours!!

So what are you waiting for? Get your pen and write your heart out in the best way that suits you and your needs!!

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