Chromebook Frozen? – Different Ways To Fix The Issue

Fix Chromebook Frozen

Are you a Chromebook user? If you are, you know it is not as easy as using a MacBook or a simple Windows laptop. A Chromebook is a laptop that is designed to work using the chrome OS that lets you use all the Google apps on your laptop.

The idea might seem very helpful for both office goers and students, especially at times like this.

Although the Chromebook might seem a lot helpful, a few things about the operating system might disappoint you. This article is to say the disappointment is mostly because you don't know a few things about the Chromebook.

Chromebook Frozen

The most commonly heard problem among Chromebook users is that the Chromebook gets frozen sometimes, very unexpectedly. Have you experienced something like that? Want to know how to fix it easily in a few steps? Then you are in the right place. Keep reading to know more about this.

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What is a frozen chromebook?

The term might sound cool, but it isn't! It is just like how your windows laptop would get unresponsive at times, either because a task running becomes non responding or the whole laptop goes unresponsive. In most cases, the Chromebook just gets stuck in the opening screen that says "chrome". If it doesn't go past it and is not responding to any key or mousepad either then your Chromebook is frozen!

Chromebook Frozen

why is my chromebook Frozen?

There can be a lot of reasons why a Chromebook can be frozen. However, the most important reason might be some issues regarding the operating system.

The other reasons might be:

  • A fault with a program that is currently running.
  • A fault with the external drive connected to the Chromebook.
  • Internal hardware problems.

How to Fix Chromebook Frozen?

To Fix Chromebook Frozen that can be caused by any of the problems above, there are a lot of ways. Keep reading to find a perfect solution to the issue that is keeping your Chromebook frozen.

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1. kill the running tasks

If a faulty task is running on your Chromebook that can usually cause a frozen condition. So you need to access the task manager on the Chrome OS using your keyboard (if it is still working).

  • Press the keys shift+Escape to open the task manager.
  • Scan the list of currently running apps and web pages.
  • If none of them is faulty, find one that takes up the most space.
  • Click on it and select the end task.
Fix Chromebook Frozen

2. remove external drives

A faulty USB Drive or any other drive connected can also cause a frozen Chromebook. It can even be a mouse or headphones that are connected to the Chromebook at the time it is frozen.

In such cases removing the connected devices, one by one can help you solve the problem. So slowly disconnect each device until your Chromebook comes back to the normal condition.

3. check for errors

If any of these is not the issue with your Chromebook, then we would recommend you to check the error messages on your Chromebook. Mostly ever error will have a message sent to your Chromebook. Similarly, while your Chromebook is frozen and an error message is displayed, note down the error message.

If you have no idea how to solve this error, then search on Google the exact text to know what can be done to solve the issue. You also have a Chrome OS help website that might help you in finding the answer to your problem.


If you are stuck on the frozen screen, and you are unable to use both the mousepad or any keys on the keyboard. Then:

  1. Press and hold the power key on your Chromebook until the Chromebook turns off.
  2. Turn on the Chromebook after a few seconds.
  3. Now if it goes past the chrome opening screen, then go to the task manager and kill the task by following the steps above.

5. If the reboot fails, go for a reset

In case you are unable to reboot your Chromebook as mentioned above. In other words, if the Chromebook stays frozen or unresponsive even after pressing the reboot button, then go for a reset.

You can perform the reset by :

  1. Press and hold the refresh+power button
  2. This causes your Chromebook, and it's hardware to restart.

Note: Although you might lose some preferences and configuration, you won't lose any apps and files that we're already stored and installed on your Chromebook.

6. What if it doesn't work out either?

If it does not work out, that is, both the reboot and reset for the Chromebook fails, and your Chromebook is still frozen, then you still have an unconventional way to solve the issue.

You have to go ahead and let the Chromebook stay switched on until the battery is completely drained. If your device is plugged in, unplug it and let the battery drain itself. Keep waiting for the next 3 hours and let your CPU cool down before reconnecting the charger and turning on the device. When your device is turned on, hopefully, your problem might have been solved already.

7. What if my Chromebook is still frozen?

If your Chromebook is frozen even after following all the steps as mentioned above, then you are advised to take up this step as the last option. The frozen Chromebook issue is usually the issue of the OS. So you have to perform an OS change or factory reset.

For this, you need to have a USB Drive with at least a 4GB space in it. Use another device to get the necessary files for OS change. After loading the files on your USB, plug it into your Chromebook. Then load the files onto your Chromebook so that the OS gets installed.

Note: Although you might lose some preferences and configuration, you won't lose any apps and files that we're already stored and installed on your Chromebook.

This would solve the issue but always consider this one to be the last decision is any of the above steps do not work. This is because it can lead to losing all the files on your Chromebook that does not have a backup in some form.

8. What if the issue persists?

If the issue persists, it might be because of a fault in the internal hardware of your Chromebook. This is not advised to be solved by you. So kindly get the help of a professional to solve this issue, and you might get it done for free if the warranty period is still intact.

The best way to fix damaged cables is to use silicone sealant. This seals the damaged area and also protects it permanently.


So these are the ways by which you can get your frozen Chromebook fixed without help from anyone else. You need to find the reason for your frozen Chromebook and treat it with the needed solution to retrieve your Chromebook frozen back to life.

Hope this helps you and was able to solve the issue all by yourself in a short span! If you still have any doubts regarding the chromebook frozen, then ask your queries in the comment section.

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