How to Connect Soundbar To AV Receiver

Are you are aware how to connect soundbar to AV receiver? Then you are in the right to learn about it. This article will guide you how you can Connect Soundbar To AV Receiver. If you are facing many problems with your soundbars, or you want to increase your knowledge soundbars and receiver, then continue reading this article. 

As you are already aware, soundbars are a type of loudspeakers that helps in providing high quality sound and it eliminates the expense of a home theatre receiver and surround sound setup speaker. But still if you wish to connect a soundbar to a AV receiver, then check out this article.

Connect Soundbar To AV Receiver

Type of Soundbars

So before getting deeper into this topic, I will first describe and differentiate the types of soundbars. There are two types of Soundbar. One is Active Soundbar, and the other one is Passive Soundbars.

Active Soundbars

These soundbars fulfills all the electronics needs. They are fully featured. and contain all the technological systems like multiple speakers, one or more amplifiers, processors, and connection ports. 

Active Sound Bar is straightforward to set up and operate. Additional features enable users to tweak the sound as they want.

They may contain rear speakers to produce theatre quality sound because they have all inbuilt things and technologies that do not need separate audio video receiver for amplification.

Connect Soundbar To AV Receiver

Passive Soundbars

There is only a little difference between active and passive Soundbar. Passive Soundbars do not have an inbuilt amplifier. So they require an external amplifier or receiver to process the signal and amplify sound.

Like an active soundbar, they do not focus on providing better quality sound to the user. 

They are also not a fully-featured. Users may need many of the movable parts to make it work. They have a smaller number of channels than Active Sound Bar. They also do not provide much connectivity.

But they are also useful if users want to use them for personal purposes. One of the best features of a Passive Sound Bar is that the user can customize it. But they are very costly and have more wiring.

Connect Soundbar To AV Receiver

Why Connect Soundbar To AV Receiver?

If you are thinking about why we need to connect the Soundbar to the receiver, then check out the reasons given below.

Reasons why we should Connect Soundbar To AV Receiver

  • To have a wide range of control and settings.
  • To use the Soundbar as the front three-channel speakers, i.e., front right, left, and center.
  • To utilize the Soundbar as a main speaker or centre channel speaker.

How to Connect an Active Soundbar to a Receiver

There are several ways to connect passive soundbar to receiver. 

1. Using an Optical Cable

  • First of all, turn off your receiver. This is to prevent short circuits and of the possible damages.
  • Connect one end of the optical cable to the receiver out port.
  • Then insert the opposite end of the cable into the soundbar optical in port.
  • Ensure whether the digital encoding standards are matching for both receiver and soundbar.
  • Connect the receiver to any of the display devices.
  • At last, switch on the power.
  • Adjust the receiver’s settings so that the audio is pointing towards the soundbar.
  • Alter the TV's settings to empower sound to be yield to the recipient and now play it.

If you are not comfortable with the other method, we also provide you with an alternative approach. In that method, we are going to use HDMI cable.

2. Using An HDMI Cable

Your receiver does not support a digital optical out port; then, you can try this method. Before using this method to connect soundbar to AV receiver, confirm whether you device supports HDMI ARC.

  • First, you need to turn off your television, receiver, and sound bar.
  • Now, connect HDMI cable to the receiver HDMI ARC port.
  • Plug in the other end of the cable to the soundbar.
  • Then connect the HDMI cable that is connected to your receiver to the television.
  • Now turn on your devices.
  • You need to change the receiver's setup and make it to accept HDMI control.
  • Then turn on the HDMI control for the TV
  • Remember to modify the settings to enable audio to be output to the receiver.

So, we had just discussed how we could connect our active Soundbar to the receiver. Not many of our visitors are so having a Passive soundbar to help them out. We are describing a way to connect the Passive Soundbar to the receiver.

How to connect a Passive Soundbar to Receiver?

  • You need to turn off all devices.
  • If the soundbar has a single channel, then connect one end of the speaker wire to the soundbar and the other end to the center channel on the receiver.
  • If the soundbar is multi-channeled and has three channels namely front left, center, and right. then you need to use three separate speaker cables for the connection. Each of the cables connects the respective channels.
  • Now you can connect the receiver to your television.
  • Then turn on your device and play.
How to Connect Soundbar To AV Receiver

Tips for your Soundbars

You should set up your soundbar in the correct way. There are a few tips for it.

  • If your television is not wall-mounted, you should ensure that your Soundbar is placed  from a little distance from the floor. Never place Soundbar on the floor.
  • It is important to optimize your room settings. Adding floor carpets and curtains will be a good idea. This will help in reducing excess sound reflection and will make the audio signals more authentic.


Only when you know the type of soundbar you have,  you can connect your soundbar to the reciever. We have got you covered with guides on how to connect a soundbar to a receiver for both active and passive soundbars. Also, we have explained the difference between the active and passive soundbar. 

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