How To Connect Amazon Fire TV To AV Receiver

Connecting Amazon FireTV to your AV Receiver will give you whole new level of experience with Internet streaming. Through Blu-Ray streaming, smart TV’s,  Fire TV, and AV Receiver, you can enjoy the AV theater or home theater at home.

Well, not all homes have a smart TV, and if one of them is yours, you want to have an Internet streaming function that provides Amazon fire TV stick. So you will want to know about how to connect Amazon Fire TV to AV Receiver.

In this article, we will show you how to connect your Amazon FireTV device with your AVR system. 

What is Amazon Fire TV

It is a small digital media player founded by Amazon. It contains a quad-core processor that is provided up to 1 GB of RAM, and it is designed to provide you fast navigation and access menu and content. Along with this, it has 8 GB of storage capacity, which is the best for storing, downloading apps, and other media files. 

The Amazon Fire TV can give up to 1080P resolution for videos, but sometimes it depends upon the content. Also you can connect your soundbar to AV receiver or directly connect your TV to receiver for an wonderful experience.

Apart from this, it is more comfortable with Dolby Digital and Digital plus audio files. It allows accessing the Internet quickly from the Wi-Fi in terms of connectivity. Even you can plug it directly to the TV HDMI that provides you to view and browse content. 

connect Fire TV to AV Receiver

The Amazon fire stick comes with a USB to AC adapter, a micro USB to USB cable, and an Alexa enabled remote control. Along with them, it comes in a quick start guide and an official retail box, an HDMI extended, and a small has complete control with AAA batteries.

How to connect the Amazon Fire TV to AV Receiver

You can connect your Amazon fire stick into your home theater system through the home theater receiver. You just have to make sure that your home theater system has a HDMI inputs with the video pass-through features.

Connect your Amazon Fire Stick into the receiver instead of plugging it into your TV's HDMI port. When you do this, the receiver will route the signals of video content to the TV as well as keeps the audio with the receiver.

When you set your Fire stick in this way you can directly decode surround sound compatibility and it gives you high sound quality.


Before proceeding with the setup guide, let's take a quick look at the requirements.

  • Smart TV
  • AV Receiver
  • High-Speed HDMI cable
  • Amazon FireTV Cube or Amazon FireTV stick

Step 1: Connect Your TV And AV Receiver

Connect the HDMI ARC input of your TV to the HDMI output of the AVR with an HDMI Cable. 

Most modern devices like digital TVs, computers, Home theater receivers, projectors, and many others use HDMI as the go-to port. This is due to the fact that HDMI cables are capable of transmitting high-resolution digital video, high-quality audio, and command signals, all on a single cable. HDMI cables come in different sizes and specifications. So make sure you get a suitable cable to connect your TV and AVR.

I would suggest you get a High-Speed HDMI cable as they are specially designed to handle 1080p and 4K video resolutions. They are also compatible with 3D and Deep colors.

Step 2: Connect Your Amazon FireTv Device And Av Receiver

For Amazon FireTV cube users:

The Amazon FireTV Cube supports 4K UHD picture quality. So make sure your AVR supports that type of resolution. Again we are going to use an HDMI cable for connecting the Cube and AVR.

Amazon FireTV Cube has an HDMI port on its rear side. Plugin one end of the High-Speed HDMI cable to the Amazon Cube and the other end of the cable to the AVR. 

Remember that you need to identify the AVR input HDMI port that supports 4K resolution. For identification, look for the label - 4K or HDCP2.2, the ports below that supports 4K, and you need to use any one of those ports. If your AVR doesn't have a port that supports 4K, then you can also simply plugin into the different HDMI ports, but you won't get 4K output on your TV.

The port location and label might vary based on your AVR device. I suggest you use a manual if you can't find the port.

For Amazon FireTV Stick users:

Setting up the Amazon fire stick is quite simple. Just follow the below-given steps. All you need to do is plug in the Amazon FireTV Stick directly into the AVR HDMI input port.

If you have noticed properly, sometimes plugging the amazon device into one HDMI port might partially block the other port next to it. To solve this issue, Amazon also includes an extender. You can use it to connect Amazon devices and AVR with it.

How to connect the Amazon Fire TV to your TV

If your TV has a working HDMI input, you can use the Amazon fire stick with it.

To connect the Amazon Fire TV to Fire TV you can plug the fire stick directly to your HDMI port or you can do it through the HDMI extender if you want your fire stick away from your TV.

Different remote control options For Fire Stick

There are three types of options on how you will control your Amazon Fire TV, and they are-

connect Fire TV to AV Receiver
  • Voice Remote - Amazon Fire stick has Alexa enabled remote that is used as a standard remote control. It has a built-in mic and a voice button located at the top center of the unit.  There is a menu button below the voice button and it is used to navigate. Along with this, it has a home button, back button, pause button, and Fast forward controls.
  • Mobile application - There is a downloadable app, which is known as the fire TV control app and it is one of the remote control options. If you are using a smartphone, you can download it in device and then use it.  You can touch and swipe the pad used for menu selection and navigation. Along with this, it has a touch and swipe area that will find icons for different features like playback control, home menu, and voice.
  • Alexa enabled device – You can even control your fire stick by using Amazon Echo or other Alexa enabled devices. For this, you have to check your user manual work for the best compatibility.

Setting up the Amazon Fire TV

Setting up the Amazon fire stick is quite simple. Just follow the below given steps.

  • You need to connect the firestick in the designated slot and then turn on the device. 
  • When the device is turned on you will see the fire stick logo and the Next prompt option on the screen.
  • Now turn on the TV and the Wi-fi network. The fire stick will search for available networks.
  • Select your network and key in the Wi-fi network code.
  • Now go to the standard product registration page and login to your Amazon account(create a new one if you don't own one).
  • Once the registration is successful, go to the parental settings page and Quick downloads app page. Here you can set the features in accordance to your preference.


By reading this guide, we hope that you know how to connect Amazon Fire TV to AV Receiver. Since it is easy, follow the simple steps mentioned above, and then you will connect it without any problem.

Sometimes it is a little tricky if you have a smart TV, but it is best to have Internet streaming. If you like this article, give it a thumbs up and share it to your friends to help them learn how to connect Amazon Fire TV to AV receiver.

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