Can You Use A Laptop As A Monitor

If you want to extend your desktop display? Then, this can be a useful guide for you. You can use your laptop as a monitor to your PC. Yes, you heard it right. In this article, I will teach how to do it.

Well, it is a simple process, to connect your laptop to your desktop you can do it by using an HDMI cable. But sometimes it doesn’t work at all. So, HDMI comes with your computer and helps to work output in its display.

But, it will not help to use as a video input for some other device so if you want to display your laptop screen as a high display like TV and monitor, you have to connect another display on your laptop.

can you use a laptop as a monitor

So, if you want to use your laptop screen for another device, then you have to use third-party software together. Therefore, I will give different options to set up your laptop. Along with the second display to your PC as it’s display.

How to use a laptop as a Monitor for your PC

Method 1: Mira cast on Window System

The first option to use is the Mira cast features. It is available on Window devices. Therefore, you need to set this,

can you use a laptop as a monitor

On the Laptop You Wish to Use As A Secondary Display

  • Firstly, click on the start and go to the settings.
  • Now, click on the System icon.
  • After then, click on ‘projecting to this PC,’ which is on the left menu.
  • Make sure you have to change the drop-down menu to available in different options.
  • Now, configure other settings as per your requirement.
  • Once you have done this,  go back to the main menu so that you can set up your laptop as a secondary display.

On the Main PC 

  • Click on the Notifications/Action center icon within the bottom right-hand corner of the taskbar
  • Select the Connect on the menu on the bottom of the Notifications slide-out menu.
  •  Then select the laptop that you want to connect.
  • After that, go back to the laptop and connect.
  • Then on your main PC, right-click your desktop, and select display settings. 
  • Click on the display menu and under the multiple displays section choose the Extend desktop to this display.
  • Then you need to rearrange desktops and laptops display in the correct way by dragging and dropping icons at the top of the Display settings screen.

method 2: Connect your desktop from your laptop remotely

You can connect your desktop from your laptop remotely by following a simple process. This can be done with the help of third-party programs. I am using TeamViewer to explain this process.

To use your laptop to remotely control your desktop PC, 

  • Download your TeamViewer application on your laptop and desktop and install it.
  • Once the installation is done, you can grab the TeamViewer ID for your desktop computer.
  • Then open the TeamViewer app on your laptop
  • Now on your laptop, you need to type the ID of your PC into the partner ID field.
  • Then click on the connect option.
  • Your laptop TeamViewer app will ask for your desktop's password. Enter it and click on the log on option.
  • And you are done. Now you will be able to control your desktop from your laptop.


So, this is a useful guide on how to use a laptop as another monitor. I have given the different ways in which you can use a laptop as a monitor. If you still come around with any difficulty in setting up, then you can ask your queries through the comments. I hope by using this guide you will easily understand how to use a laptop as a monitor.

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