Best Tower Speakers Under 1000 + Buyer’s Guide

Excellent sound quality can make your movies, music, and gaming experience better, and this explains why it is essential to invest in a good speaker.

A good speaker will let you hear the parts of your favorite music you have never heard before with your old ones and for artistic people, music can help them create something new.

tower speaker for room

Therefore, if you are one such person searching for quality speakers and that too tower speakers, here I listed 7 best tower speakers under $1000, which will not only enhance your music but will also have a deep and good impact on your life.

Furthermore, we have also provided a detailed yet short review of each and every tower speaker featured. Also, we have given a buying guide for people who have a hard time choosing anything. Now, let’s start with the guide.


You can get more than your expectations under $1000. Here in this list, all the floor speakers featured have a great cabinet build quality which we can assure you would last for more than 10 years.

Furthermore, in a $1000 floor speaker, you can get up to 4 drivers, which can cover all sound ranges easily. Also, they can fill your room with sound and let you enjoy the sound. Lastly, they can be good enough to look nice in your house with their unique design. 



Definitive Technology BP-9020 - Best Tower Speakers Under 1000


Cerwin-Vega XLS-215


NHT Media



Klipsch Reference R-26FA - Best Tower Speakers Under 1000

Want to have the best floor speakers of 2021, which will let you enjoy the rich sound quality and that too at a reasonable price? If yes, the Klipsch R-26FA Dolby Atmos is the perfect choice for you. This 2-way tower speakers by Klipsch will provide you with crystal clear sound and enhanced sound quality.

Moreover, you don’t have to get ceiling speakers as these Dolby Atmos reflect the sound from the ceiling which gives a rich experience. With a unique and amazing build quality, these R-26FA will stay with you for many years to go. Each of them weighs around 50lbs and is quite big. Therefore, make sure you can handle them and have space in your room for them.

Talking about its sound quality, the magnetically shielded IMG woofers produce low-frequency sounds with no distortions. Also, the compression tweeters made out of aluminum with a good sensitivity are perfect for getting the best high-end response. What makes it even better is its Linear travel suspension that makes sure the sound never gets distorted.

Also, it won’t require an external subwoofer as it already includes a copper spun 6.5 inches subwoofer for a high and engaging bass. Moreover, the integrated top speakers make your room fully filled with sound as they reflect sound down the roof. Therefore, it is better to go for this floor-standing speakers pair with amazing sound quality.


  • Linear Travel Suspension (LTS) Tweeter
  • Front-Firing Port
  • Horn-loaded Clarity - 90 x 90 Tractrix Horn
  • Dual 5-Way Binding Posts
  • Removable Grille
  • Dolby Atmos Sound


  • powerful to fill your room with sound
  • extra speakers on the top
  • Rich sound quality, so no need for a subwoofer
  • Crystal clear high-frequency sounds


Definitive Technology BP-9020 - Best Tower Speakers Under 1000

This one may not be one of those tower speakers which you might like at first glance, but trust us, its features are more than enough to make you fall for them.

This tower speaker of 3 feet is enough to fill your room with melodious and crisp sounds. Furthermore, it includes an 8 inches subwoofer, so you won’t require an external one to enjoy a home theater experience.

It comes with 4 speakers in it, out of which one is the tweeter, two mid drivers, and another two rear-facing mid drivers. Therefore, there is no chance it would leave you disappointed.

Besides that, this speaker uses the definitive patented forward-focused bipolar technology, which makes sure the sound is targeted towards the listener and also fills the room without any resonance. It will let you control bass with its intelligent bass control.

The only downfall of this tower speaker, it is kind of expensive as compared to others on the list. However, you can trust us as we have tested it, and the sound reproduction was amazing due to its high sensitivity and frequency response. 

Also, it won’t take much of your space with its small footprint. To conclude, it’s the best floor-standing speaker under $1000, and you should definitely give it a try.


  • Built-in powered subwoofer with volume control.
  • Balanced dual surround system.
  • Two sets of 5-way binding posts.
  • Built-in docking port with speaker connector plug.


  • Inbuilt subwoofer of 8 inches
  • Intelligent bass control
  • Forward focused bipolar technology
  • Resonance free cabinet
  • Aluminum dome tweeters


Cerwin-Vega XLS-215

Having a high budget and want to invest in one of the loudest speakers? We have this Cerwin-Vega XLS-215 for you. Also known as the best floor standing speakers and also one of the loudest speakers in the market. Its single XLS-215 is enough to compete with any other strong pair of speakers. However, the price might be high for many of us, but trust us, it’s worth the sound quality you will get.

With sensitivity as high as 95.3dB, you can imagine how loud this speaker is. Furthermore, the frequency response is from 34Hz to 20kHz, so overall, it covers all sounds. As it’s a 3-way tower speaker, it has 4 drivers, including a 6.5 inches fiber woofer, a 15-inch high excursion woofer, a dual 15-inch paper woofer, and a 1-inch soft-dome tweeter for high frequencies.

You will get an impedance of 6 ohms in this tower speaker, which you can connect to an amplifier of 8 ohms for better sound quality. What makes it more special is its mid-range woofer of 6.5 inches, which those 2-way tower speakers won’t cover. Moreover, the black-ash enclosure keeps the drivers safe and away from dust.

The only downfall of this speaker might be its weight as it’s a whopping 130 pounds heavy, so you will require at least 2 people to shift it. Also, it’s huge with a 50-inch height, so make sure you have space for it. Besides that, it’s one of the best you can get at this price range. Therefore, you should definitely get this one if you want to experience real music.


  • Fuse Protection
  • 1" Soft Dome Tweeter with Ferro Fluid
  • 6.5" Woofer with Fiber Impregnated Cone
  • Dual 15" Cast Frame High Excursion Woofer
  • Elegant Black-Ash Enclosure


  • It has no distortions, even though it is super loud
  • It comes with 4 drivers for clear vocals.
  • Detailed and enhanced sound quality.
  • Highly responsive loudspeakers.
  • Tight and fantastic bass.


Klipsch Reference R-820F - Best Tower Speakers Under 1000

Once again, here we are with another pair of superb-sounding and best floor-standing speakers by Klipsch. These R-820F will be the perfect choice for people searching for loud and balanced speakers at a low price range. Many people love these pairs of tower speakers for their sleek design and enhanced sound quality.

Furthermore, talking about its sound quality, both of these speakers come with dual spun copper IMG woofers that make sure none of the sound range is left behind. Also, the linear travel suspension tweeters let you experience and listen to high-frequency sounds without any distortions or clarity issues.

What makes them more special is their tractrix horn technology, which makes sure the sound doesn’t reflect off and is directly aimed towards the listener. Moreover, even while listening to lower frequencies, these speakers work well due to their strong cabinet construction and rear tractrix port.

The superior build quality of these Klipsch R-820 also makes a difference because it makes them last for at least 10 years and that too at a lower price. The woofers are made out of copper, and small tweeters are of aluminum. Moreover, the scratch-resistant vinyl and magnetic grills keep the speakers safe and in good condition for a long time.


  • durable textured wood grain vinyl finish
  • gold-plated binding post speaker terminals
  • built-in angled feet for speaker stability
  • bass-reflex design
  • two 8" spun-copper IMG cone woofers


  • Rich sound quality at a low price range
  • Dual spun copper IMG woofers
  • High-frequency sounds have no distortions
  • Maintains ideal airflow, which minimizes distortions
  • Can be placed anywhere due to its sleek design


NHT Media

With a sleek and stylish body, this Dolby Atmos tower speaker also has a small footprint, which makes sure it can be accommodated anywhere in your room. Furthermore, it comes with a small aluminum tweeter and three woofers for a loud yet crystal clear sound at high as well as low-frequency ranges.

What makes it more special is it has no holes at all, so there will be no distortions even while listening to high-frequency sounds. We can also call it a sealed box design. Furthermore, it will fill your room with rich sound thanks to its broader storage and 3-way design. The pinpoint imaging technique also helps a lot to reproduce music as it is if you want to have a home theater.

However, it doesn’t come in a pair that might be expensive for many of us, but you can shortlist it as it will last longer and sound richer. Also, as suggested by the brand itself, you will require a subwoofer for it to sound louder if you prefer. Hence, you can go for it if you love it, but we would recommend you to have a second thought.


  • 3-way acoustic suspension
  • 5.25” polypropylene woofers
  • Nickel plated 5-way binding posts
  • 5.25” polypropylene cone midrange


  • Aluminum drivers and tweeter
  • Sealed box design
  • Excellent outer finishing
  • Nickel-plated binding posts
  • You won’t require any in-ceiling speakers


Polk Audio TSi500 - Best Tower Speakers Under 1000

Fan of polycarbonate cones? Here is what we have brought you. A stylish-looking pair of tower speakers by Polk Audio that will definitely be an eye-catcher in your living room. Besides being an eye-catcher, these TSi500 will make you feel like you are in a live concert due to its sound range starting from 28Hz and ending up to 25kHz, which is way more than a human can hear.

What makes it more special is the 4 drivers having polycarbonate cones in them. You might be already knowing that the polycarbonate ones are famous for their smooth and natural sound reproduction. Also, the silk dome tweeters are way better than those of metal or any other material because they affect the sound quality a lot. Moreover, the deep bass from these tower speakers will let you feel the music.

Besides the sound quality, the build quality is also mentionable as its made of braced MDF and has a furniture finish. Also, they are beautifully designed with all the woofers equidistantly aligned, which makes them look amazing. Furthermore, the cabinet is strong enough to make sure there are no distortions due to its build.

Hence, if you are low on budget, you can definitely think of getting this pair of tower speakers for your home theater.


  • 1" Silk Dome Tweeter
  • 38 Hz to 24 kHz Frequency Response
  • Dual Binding Post Pairs
  • 4x 6.5" Dynamic Balance Mid-Woofers


  • Polycarbonate cones of drivers.
  • 4 drivers for covering all sound ranges.
  • Silk dome tweeter for high-frequency sounds
  • Perfect bass for low volume.
  • Strong cabinet design.


Sony SS-CS3

When it comes to audio devices, no one can beat Sony. One such top model by Sony is the SS-CS3 which comes with 4 drivers so that you can have a great experience listening to music, movies, or gaming. This pair of stereo tower speakers have a special subwoofer for giving you the extra bass you require while enjoying music.

Talking about its build quality, it is up to the mark. These black-colored speakers stand 36 inches tall and weigh less as compared to many other floor-standing speakers of the same range. Furthermore, the sleek design makes sure they can adjust in a small corner of your living room easily, yet can be spotted easily for their looks.

As already said, the exceptional sound quality is what makes these Sony tower speakers special. They have 4 different drivers to cover different sound ranges; the drivers include a wide dispersion super tweeter system which makes sure the high-frequency sounds are delivered perfectly and with no distortions. Also, as promised by Sony, the vocals are crystal clear and will fill your room.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy great music and listen to a wide range of music at a price below $400, the Sony SS-CS3 3-way tower speaker is perfect for you. The 4 drivers and strong cabinet is everything you want for a speaker to be good enough to last for 10 years.


  • 0.75-inch Super tweeter
  • High-resolution audio
  • Dual 5" Mica-Reinforced Woofers
  • 3-Way Speaker Design


  • Can Reproduce High-Quality Sound Up To 50KHz
  • Includes A Small Super Tweeter High-Frequency Sounds
  • No Disturbances At All
  • The Inbuilt Subwoofer Gives A Powerful Bass
  • 3-Way Speaker Design


The main difference between passive floor speakers and powered floor speakers is only about the amplifier. Passive floor speakers require an external amplifier to work and produce loud sounds. On the other hand, powered floor speakers have an inbuilt amplifier, so they directly produce loud sounds.

It is totally up to your preferences as in the passive ones, you can change the amplifier and also set it accordingly, and in powered ones, you cannot make any changes. Also, all the speakers listed here are passive ones, so we would recommend you to go for passive floor speakers and customize them according to your needs.


Firstly, there are three types of speakers, 2-way, 3-way, and 4-way, and each of them has its own advantages. However, here we are going to discuss the difference between a 3-way floor speaker and a 2-way floor speaker. 

3-way tower speaker

  • The 3-way tower speaker includes three drivers which are a tweeter, midrange driver, and a woofer
  • 3-way tower speakers can cover the midrange detailed sounds

2-way tower speaker

  • The 2-way tower speaker includes two drivers which are a tweeter and a woofer.
  • It May require a subwoofer to make the midrange sounds


build quality & design

The tower speaker’s cabinet should be strong enough to be at its place even while high-frequency sounds are playing. Moreover, the stronger the cabinet is, the longer your tower speakers will last. Talking about its design, it is totally up to you and your surrounding. Make sure you have enough space at your house to keep them. 


A tower speaker should at least have two drivers, including a tweeter and a subwoofer, to make it sound good. However, you can go for tower speakers with 3 and 4 drivers. Also, having a number of drivers means enhanced sound quality as they cover all sound ranges.


The audio performance of a tower speaker overall depends on the cabinet strength, quality of drivers, frequency response, and mostly the sensitivity. Therefore, make sure you check all of these. However, if you don’t understand these technical terms, try playing some songs with high and low frequency and see if you can listen to them clearly.

frequency response

The frequency response means the ability of a speaker to produce different sounds. The range of frequency response of a tower speaker should be between 20Hz to 20kHz, which is the range of sound a human being can hear.


Mostly, tower speakers come with an impedance starting from 4ohm to 8ohm. However, the lesser the value of impedance, the easier it will be for the speaker to work. Hence, get a floor speaker having a lower impedance, but you have to get an amplifier of the same range as most of the amplifiers don’t work with low impedance.


Whenever getting a tower speaker, you should take a look at its sensitivity. If it is lower than 84dB, never buy it. On the contrary, if a tower speaker has sensitivity over 90dB, it’s the best of all.


1. Which is better, a bookshelf speaker or floor standing speakers?

The answer to this question totally depends on your preferences. If you don’t want the detailed sound to fill your room, get a bookshelf speaker. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy an impactful sound with all the intricate details, floor-standing speakers are a better option for you. 

2.  Do I need a subwoofer for my tower speaker?

Most probably not, subwoofers are used with bookshelf speakers as they help in producing deep bass. Also, tower speakers usually come with 3 drivers. However, if you feel that the bass is not good, your tower speakers definitely require a subwoofer. 

3.  How to connect a tower speaker to a receiver?

Hereby the receiver, we mean the amplifier used in home theaters. Firstly, you should know the impedance of your tower speaker. Secondly, you can connect your tower speakers in parallel or series to a receiver. However, make sure you calculate the impedance before connecting. 


Now that you know the top 7 best tower speakers under $1000, you are free to get one of them. Also, if you are still confused, you should refer to the buying guide, which might help you select the best one for you. You should probably get the best floor speakers if you really want to enjoy some soothing music or simply want to enjoy some rock music and be a nuisance for your neighbors.

As we are at the end of this guide, we hope that you have loved this guide and will refer to more such guides while buying anything. Also, we can assure you of the quality of the product listed on our website.

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