Best Soundbar Under 300 From Our Experts

Looking for the best soundbar under 300 to boost the sound performance of your brand new 4K display? You're at the right place.

Well, to amplify your television or home cinema, the soundbar is an excellent solution. The soundbar sector has become widely democratized in recent years, and more and more users are moving towards these simple and practical products. Much less bulky than traditional Home-Cinema kits, they are discreet in a living room and limit the number around your TV stand. But nowadays, there are so many models on the market that it becomes difficult to find the one that suits our needs.

But with this guide, we invite you to discover a selection of a dozen soundbars covering all needs and budgets. There's something for everyone, whether you're just looking to give your movies and series a boost or, on the contrary, to enjoy the most immersive experience possible.

To help you in your quest, we present you with the comparison of the 10 best soundbars under 300.

REcommended soundbar under 300

LIST OF THE Best soundbar under 300


best soundbar under 300

Known for its gadgets and establishment, Yamaha is a company that is trusted all over the world. The Yamaha products always come with a guarantee that they will never fail you. Yamaha is recognized as a trustworthy sound company in the industry, and it has some fantastic products.

The YAS-109, an affordable bar with a clear sound and a wide sound image, succeeds the very popular YAS-108 which has achieved success thanks to its excellent price-performance ratio. It differs from the previous one by the addition of WIFI connectivity and the Alexa voice recognition system. It has essentially the same characteristics as the YAS-108, in particular the DTS Virtual X decoding function to simulate a home theater atmosphere, as well as the possibility of adding a wired subwoofer.

The YAS-109 produces clear high and mid frequencies, but somewhat lacking in dynamics. The four small low-frequency speakers placed on top reproduce defined bass, but on condition of keeping the volume at a fairly low level. For a bar with an integrated subwoofer, the small YAS-109 does quite well, but does not compete with models with a separate subwoofer.

The all-fabric finish of the YAS-109 – which logically costs less than good quality plastic or metal – is certainly not unrelated to its price. On the other hand, its rounded corners and slim profile give it a discreet and modern look. Not to mention that Yamaha products are the vast majority of the time very reliable.

The YAS-109 decodes Dolby and DTS audio formats and takes advantage of DTS Virtual:X compatibility to simulate a 3D home theater atmosphere. The addition of WIFI connectivity makes it possible to send music wirelessly with less compression than Bluetooth. In addition, a built-in microphone makes it compatible with the Alexa voice recognition system.

In terms of connectivity has an optical input, an analog input and an HDMI ARC audio input, the latter providing better sound quality. Most interesting, however, is the subwoofer output which allows almost any subwoofer to be used to enhance the bar's performance.

The remote control accompanying the YAS-109 is used to select the sources, to choose the sound modes as well as to adjust the low frequencies. To know the intensity of the sound setting or to identify the active source, you have to rely on the indicator light on the front.

Yamaha promises quality and serves it with intricate precision. It is a combination of strength and value. The Yamaha YAS-109 Sound Bar is minimalistic but far from being essential. Get theatre quality sound at your house with all the upgraded features by Yamaha.


  • Product Dimensions: 2.1 x 5.2 x 35 inches.
  • Product weight: 10.35 pounds.
  • Easy installation with HDMI or optical connections.
  • Built-in subwoofers for strong and deep bass in a slim soundbar.
  • A clear voice for pristine clear dialogue clarity, which makes it possible to hear every word. Output power: 120 W.
  • Built-in Alexa for controlling the voice of your soundbar.
  • DTS Virtual: x Virtual 3D surround sound.
  • Compatible Audio Formats-File Format-WAV (PCM format only) / FLAC: up to 192 kHz, ALAC: up to 96 kHz, MP3 / WMA / MPEG-4 AAC: up to 48 kHz.
  • You can play music and podcasts through Spotify connect, Wi Fi, or Bluetooth.


  • Super easy setup.
  • Great TV surround.
  • Great Alexa integration.
  • Outstanding customer service.


best soundbar under 300

Bose is one of the largest speakers manufacturers for home use. One such speaker is the Bose Solo 5 soundbar. Now in terms of size, soundbars can vary drastically. But Bose solo 5 is relatively small; it's 3.4 x 21.5 x 2.8 inches. Now you might be wondering if something so small can output a good sound quality? And I'm here to tell you that it absolutely does.

The Bose Solo 5 soundbar has an oval shape with rounded edges and bose inscription in the middle. It's definitely a minimalist approach to a soundbar which makes it very sleek, and it will look excellent in any home theater setup.

In terms of inputs, on the right, there is an optical digital input, a coaxial digital input, and a 3.5 mm analog input. The solo 5 does come with all of the cables needed, so you don't have to purchase any extra cables or an external AV device. One downside here, though, is it doesn't have any HDMI ports, which is a bit of disappointment. There is also a USB port here, but it's only for service updates only. But as long as your music player is Bluetooth capable, you shouldn't have any issues there.

The Bose solo 5 does also comes with remote control. One cool feature about this remote is it does support over 1800 different third-party codes from all AV devices, which makes it possible to control almost any AV device.

Now obviously, the this you want to hear about the most is, of course, the sound quality. Well, the Bose solo 5 has enough output power to easily fill rooms larger than 20 square meters with sound. It has good mid-range reproduction. However, the tweeter seems a bit hidden behind the rest of the spectrum.

If you are somebody who enjoys good beefy bass, then the bass was excellent and strong. Honestly, you'll be surprised so much bass comes out of such a small device. And even at the higher output levels, the bass doesn't lose any control at all. Basically, this soundbar's goal is to enhance the sound coming directly out of your TV.

And it does that brilliantly, and you'll find that dialogues are much cleaner, and the overall sound presentation will just have a much higher quality. Soundbars at this price range are not nearly so crisp and clear as the Bose solo 5. This is a great option for those who just want something easy to use and sounds great.

So, if you are looking for a soundbar that has a well-built design, decent sound on stereo content, especially for its size, good bass, and a great universal remote, then you should get this Bose Solo 5 soundbar. 


  • Product dimensions: 3.4 x 21.5 x 2.8 inches
  • Product Weight: 3.7 pounds.
  • Single soundbar that is the solution to your audio problems.
  • Dialogue mode enhances every word and makes each word stand out.
  • Bluetooth connectivity to connect audio from other devices.
  • Universal remote controls everything.
  • Optical audio input (digital);
  • Coaxial audio input (digital);
  • 3.5 mm aux input (analog).


  • Good material quality.
  • Easy to use and easy to install.
  • Universal remote saves you from hassles.
  • Auto shut off is amazing.

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3) Polk Audio Signa S3 - best soundbar with subwoofer under 300

best soundbar under 300

The Polk Signa S3 is an affordable offering from a company that's made a name for itself in the soundbar market. This bar's 2.1-channel system sports a low-profile cabinet so it won't block your TV screen, includes high-quality drivers, plus a beefy wireless subwoofer with plenty of low-end kick.

Features are limited to help keep the price down, but you still get HDMI-ARC, Polk's Voice Adjust technology, Bluetooth, Chromecast, and the ability to work with Google Assistant. As a result, the Signa S3 could be the perfect solution to boost the sound of your new big-panel beauty - without breaking the bank.

The Signa S3 is limited to 2.1 channels but capable of decoding Dolby Digital 5.1 channels. It also includes Polk's patented Voice Adjust technology. It allows you to choose from three distinct levels to reproduce crisp, clear dialogue and never miss a word of your favorite movie or TV show. There are also three self-explanatory sound modes: Movie, Music, and Night.

In terms of inputs, you get an HDMI port with ARC (audio return channel to push audio without anything else), optical digital input, and an auxiliary input. That's it for the physical options, but there's also Bluetooth and Chromecast.

There are some basic touch controls on the soundbar itself, which let you turn the system on and off, cycle through inputs (ARC, optical, AUX, Bluetooth), pair a Bluetooth device, and change the volume up and down.

The included remote is small, but it gets the job done. All the necessary controls are present and correct, with the buttons judiciously laid out. The remote also works with major TV manufacturers' remotes to control volume as well as most CEC-enabled TVs.

If you have a Google Home speaker, you can use your voice and the Google Assistant to control music playback, pause or adjust the volume. You can also use the Google Home app to control the Signa S3 or group it with other Chromecast-enabled speakers to play music throughout your home.

Overall, The Polk Signa S3 is another cracking soundbar from the famed speaker maker, effectively utilizing its 2.1-channel layout to deliver a performance that's both musical and punchy. This impressive all-rounder adds real width to the front soundstage, perfect for large TVs, and the well-integrated subwoofer provides a pleasant thump.


  • Product weight: 15.25 pounds.
  • Product dimensions: :3.2 x 35.4 x 2.1 inches.
  • 5 powerful wireless subwoofers provide enriching quality and strong bass.
  • Polk's voice adjustment technology and Dolby Digital Decoding offers superior sound quality and eliminates sound delay and distortion.
  • The ultra-slim design can fit anywhere.
  • You can watch your favorite movies in 4K HD Smart TV.
  • Numerous connections are available for you to connect easily to other devices.
  • Wirelessly stream music and audios from other apps and software like audible, TuneIn, Spotify, etc. through built-in Bluetooth technology.


  • Great Bluetooth connectivity. It can connect easily to other devices.
  • Superior audio quality.
  • Great value for money.
  • Wireless subwoofers are extremely satisfactory.
  • Easy volume controls.

4) JBL BAR 2.1  - best dolby atmos soundbar under 300

best soundbar under 300

The JBL Bar 2.1 Deep Bass soundbar is a powerful 2.1-channel model with 300 watts. It has a wireless subwoofer to enjoy deep and powerful bass to immerse yourself in the heart of the action scenes of your favorite movies, series, and video games.  

Designed to ensure optimal sound reproduction in any living room, the JBL Bar 2.1 Deep Bass soundbar features numerous speakers, including 4 racetrack speakers and two 25 mm diameter tweeters. This configuration allows the JBL Bar 2.1 Deep Bass soundbar to provide optimal reproduction of your films, series, and video games. The support for Dolby Digital tracks and JBL Surround Sound delivers an immersive cinematic experience, making everything you watch so much more realistic and engaging.

The major advantage of the JBL Bar 2.1 Deep Bass soundbar is its wireless subwoofer. Very easy to install, it only requires a power outlet to operate. It then communicates wirelessly with the soundbar, allowing it to be freely placed around the room.

Connecting a source to the JBL soundbar is made easy by the integration of an HDMI input. It is thus possible to connect a Blu-ray player or a game console, for example. The HDMI output of the JBL Bar 2.1 Deep Bass soundbar supports the ARC protocol, which allows you to retrieve the soundtrack of the program viewed on the TV. Finally, an optical digital input facilitates the association with an older generation television or a source without an HDMI output.

Much more than just a soundbar, the JBL Bar 2.1 Deep Bass also allows you to enjoy all your music with great sound quality. To do this, it incorporates a Bluetooth receiver allowing the distribution of music from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Practical, this Bluetooth receiver can also be used to establish a wireless connection with a compatible television. This way, you can limit the cables when the JBL Bar 2.1 Deep Bass soundbar is wall mounted.

Efficient with its proprietary spatialization practical with its HDMI, optical, and Bluetooth connectivity, the JBL Bar 2.1 Deep Bass soundbar is a compact and high-performance audio system, ideal for improving the sound reproduction of any television. I recommend this best soundbar under 300, if you want a one with rich tight bass and no distortion.


  • Featuring Dolby Digital, JBL Surround sound, 300W system power, and a wireless 6. 5” subwoofer to produce a balanced sound and deep bass for your movies, music, and games.
  • Has an HDMI input as well as aux and USB wired connections.
  • You can control the Soundbar with your existing TV remote control.
  • The 300W of power output promises great audio performance.
  • Deep bass from the 6. 5" (165mm) wireless subwoofer.
  • Flexible placement without the hassle of wires.


  • High and rich tight bass.
  • HDMI ARC can be paired with the TV.
  • Outstanding sound quality.
  • No distortion or sound lag.


As with all audio devices produced by the Bose brand, this soundbar has everyone in agreement when it comes to the quality of the sound it emits. You can check it out for yourself, and this one is excellent. Indeed, it is a tone that is both clear and powerful, allowing you to enter the heart of the action when watching a movie.

The soundbar offers excellent sound quality. In particular, the presence of the ADAPTiQ calibration device allows you to optimize the acoustic performance of the soundbar according to the specificity of the room in which it is located. The bass is simply impeccable.

This model is one of the latest soundbars offered by the Bose brand. It benefits from the brand's latest innovations in terms of modernity and quality. This equipment is very practical and functional. With this one, you have the possibility to access a lot of titles thanks to the integrated voice control of Alexia which it has.

You can also capture your voice with an option based on a noise reduction system. You also have the option of using several integrated music services such as Spotify and Amazone Music. Otherwise, you can still access your music library via Bluetooth or WiFi. You have all the features to take full advantage of the device.

As we have already said, this model is part of the latest range of soundbars offered by the Bose brand. Everything has been thought out to facilitate the use of the device. In order to allow you to handle it without moving from your armchair, it is equipped with a universal remote control. This works for all Bose soundbars.

In particular, it has an option that allows you to control your home cinema system. You can also easily manage what you listen to. For this, you have the choice between three possibilities: the voice, the application, and the Bose music. The latter gives you access to simple configurations. In short, it is a real concentrate of technologies. You will not regret your purchase.


  • Product weight: 8.15 pounds.
  • Product dimensions: ‎4.02 x 23.38 x 2.21 inches.
  • Upgrade your audio experience up to 100 dB of clear sound quality with less than 1% of harmonic distortion.
  • Wireless subwoofer adds rich bass to provide an overall quality from anywhere in the room.
  • Comes with built-in Bluetooth to provide easy access to your songs with just a touch of fingers.
  • Sound Pressure Level - 100 dB. Sound Bar Frequency - 50 Hertz - 19 kHz.
  • For convenient volume controls and input and audio controls, a wireless remote is provided.
  • It comes with integrated Dolby and DTS audio technologies to give premium audio quality.
  • Streamlined design with a sleek, beautiful look.


  • A great soundbar for 42” class TVs.
  • Easy to install.
  • Easy to use with integrated sound quality.
  • Bluetooth connectivity is great.

6) TCL Alto 7+ 2.1 Channel Home Theater Sound Bar

best soundbar under 300

The Alto 7+ is a new generation soundbar that provides distortion-free audio on any sound levels and for any type of content, be it videos or audios. It delivers loud and clear sound quality with superior bass, which you can feel with almost no hassles of installation.

Upgrade your theatre experience with multiple features and sound that you don't have to compromise. With three new and unique sound modes for News, Movies, and Music, you can hear each detail without distortion and with crystal clear sound.

Thanks to the subwoofer, you can feel the bass and hear the words clearly in videos . 


  • Product weight: 17.42 pounds.
  • Product dimensions:36.2 x 3.9 x 2.5 inches.
  • Clear sound quality comes in a minimalistic design.
  • Dedicated components for left and right speakers.
  • Wireless subwoofer for superior bass and versatile placement in any room.
  • The arrangement of speakers contains 1 tweeter and 1 full-range driver.
  • Tuned subwoofer to provide distortion-free sound at any volume.
  • Subwoofer Size (WxHxD)-8.3 x 12.9 x 9.8 inches.
  • Three dedicated sound modes for music, movie, and news to maximize performance based on the type of content you are viewing.
  • Eight audio components to produce a complete doing spectrum with accurate sound.
  • Includes IR pass-through cable .
  • With tweeters, you can hear clear dialogues and pristine clear sounds of musical instruments.
  • Deep bass ports uplift the sound experience through low-frequency sounds.
  • Comes with included audio cables and wall mounting kit for easy setup.


  • ARC capable.
  • IR pass-through.
  • Beautiful design with easy setup features.
  • Fits pleasantly with 55" TCL.

7) Samsung HW-Q60R 5.1 Soundbar

best soundbar under 300

Coming up next on my list is another best 5.1 home theater soundbar system under $300, the Samsung HW-Q60R Harman Kardon 5.1 Soundbar is a perfect soundbar for your QLED TV.

Emerge yourself in the world of music with audio, which perfectly syncs with the on-screen action. With the directional sound technology, the sound is delivered via openings on the top of the soundbar, which provides an ultimate sound experience.

With a wireless subwoofer, the bass comes with ultimate precision. Experience the rumble of thunder and the sound of droplets of rain as it surrounds the air around you.

With the adaptive sound feature, the sound is automatically optimized to give you an ideal sound experience. This is a great soundbar with high-quality audio features and adaptive sound that is optimized according to your shows. 


  • 5. 1 Channel soundbar is a combination of Samsung innovation with Harmon Kardon audio providing you great quality.
  • Technical experts work all the time to bring state-of-the-art sound to your home theater.
  • Samsung Acoustic Beam technology mixes and produces sound for it to appear precisely where the action happens on the screen.
  • The Adaptive sound technology is an absolutely great feature as it optimizes sound to provide clear voices even on low sounds.
  • The game mode pro provides powerful surround sound which boosts up your gaming experience.
  • 4K pass-through with HDR10 for a seamless audio experience that syncs perfectly with your video.
  • Frequency Response (amp): 42Hz~20kHz, Number of Speakers: 8


  • Great sound quality.
  • Adaptive sound technology is a great feature.
  • The Game Pro sound is a great feature for gamers.
  • The overall built quality is premium.
  • Touch-sensitive buttons on the soundbar for volume level, inputs which makes it easy to use.

8) Wohome TV Sound Bar S29

best soundbar under 300

This best soundbar under 300 is unique by itself. It is not like other sleek soundbars. The Wohome TV Sound Bar is circular like a sleek drum, and provides an overall sound experience. Great for 42"-75" TVs including, Vizio, LG, Samsung, Philips, Sony, Hitachi, Insignia, Toshiba Sceptre, TCL Element, and all other TV's.

The built-in 2x 3-inch subwoofers produce a surrounding bass that enriches the quality of your sound, and at the same time reinforces low-frequency sounds. This is one of the best soundbar for dialogue clarity. 

It produces 2.1 channel surround sound, and for enjoying fantastic home theater experience it supports 4 sound models for news, music, movies, and a default mode for bass adjustment.


  • Product weight: 7.72 pounds.
  • Package Dimensions:43.2 x 6.7 x 6.2 inches.
  • Built-in 2x 3-inch subwoofers produce strong bass.
  • Along with dual subwoofers, there is also a built-in 2x 3-inch full-range speaker and 2 x 1-inch tweeter speakers (output up to 105 dB loud sound).
  • A great fit for 40" or above TVs.
  • 2.1 channel soundbar designed with DSP technology for pristine clarity and enhanced dialogue.
  • Supports movie/news/music/default sound modes. You can adjust bass and treble under default mode.
  • Experience wireless streaming music because of Bluetooth 4.2.
  • Wired connectivity includes digital Optical, RCA, AUX, and USB.
  • Supports TV ARC.
  • Compatible with TVs, projectors, computers, smartphones, tablets, PCs, PS4, DVDs, and other devices.
  • Available remote controller.
  • It comes with a wall-mount kit.


  • Pre-installed subwoofer.
  • Looks and sounds great with both speech and music.
  • The remote works perfectly without any flaw.
  • Superior quality materials used.

9) Nebula Soundbar from Anker

best soundbar under 300

Nebula soundbar from Anker is the best soundbar under 300 with great features and it is extremely easy use. This black, classy looking soundbar can be easily positioned anywhere. It can also be mounted on the wall easily. Its sleek design makes it look great and provides portability. It might not be the best soundbar but it is a decent investment.

With this soundbar, enhance the beauty of watching your favorite shows and movies. With a built-in Fire TV 4K streaming media player. you can choose from over 500,000 movies and TV episodes.

Experience your favorites from Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, and other platforms. You can also stream live news, sports, and must-see shows in brilliant 4K Ultra HD, HDR, HDR10+, or Dolby Vision.


  • Product weight: 7.11 pounds.
  • Product dimensions: 36.2 x 4.3 x 2.4 inches.
  • The Fire TV Edition combines a 2.1 channel soundbar with a Fire TV 4K streaming media player which is built-in.
  • 2.1 channel design comes with the combination of 2 speakers and 2 subwoofers to create 100W of cinematic sound.
  • With access to 4K Ultra HD, enjoy stunning picture quality which streams at up to 60 frames per second.
  • With Dolby Vision, HDR, and HDR10+
  • With a Fire TV 4K streaming media player built-in, choose your favorites movies and TV episodes from over 500,000 movies and shows.
  • Includes Voice Remote with Alexa to control your soundbar and other TV functions like power, volume, navigation, and playback.
  • The Nebula soundbar comes with Power Cord, Remote Control, AAA Batteries, HDMI Cable, RCA to 3.5mm Cable, Digital Optical Cable, Screws, Wall Mount Brackets and a Quick Start Guide, which makes this a great sound bar.


  • Easy installation and setup.
  • You can adjust the bass and treble.
  • You can turn on/ off the surround sound option through the nebula app.
  • Remote control is fairly decent.

10) Soundcore Infini Pro Integrated 2.1 Channel Soundbar

best soundbar under 300

This is another best soundbar under 300, and it has amazing features. With rich and powerful Dolby Atmos, this is good for all your sound requirements. It is not the best product but looking at the price, it is totally worth it.

With integrated 2.1 channel design, you get two front-facing 2.5-inch mid-range drivers and 1-inch tweeters paired with dual, up-facing 3-inch built-in subwoofers and symmetrical bass reflex ports.

With exclusive BassUp technology you can hear low frequencies and 105dB of surrounding, room-filling sound. This is an ultimate feature to enhance your sound quality.


  • Product weight: 7.28 pounds.
  • Product dimensions: 36.6 x 4.7 x 2.4 inches.
  • Dolby Atmos Soundbar for TV produces surround sound which makes you feel the sound all around you- even overhead. 
  • Customized Sound Modes allow you to choose from Movie, Music, or Voice mode to enhance the sound for the content of the media you’re watching or listening to.
  • Easy connectivity. You can choose from HDMI, HDMI ARC, optical, or Bluetooth 5.0 connections.
  • Supports 4K HDR and Dolby Vision pass-through to 4K TVs.
  • Streamlined body is 36 inches in length wrapped in black fabric for it to blend effortlessly with your living room.


  • Easy to use.
  • Sound is booming and great.
  • The Dolby Atmos surround is superb.

Things to Consider when buying  A SOUNDBAR

It's not easy to find your way around among the many references available and the ever more complex terms used by manufacturers. By considering certain key elements, it nevertheless becomes much easier to choose a product that meets your needs. So here we'll explain how to choose the top soundbars under 300.


Each bar has its style. If we all have in mind the very sober basic models, know that today there are products that fit into the vast majority of interiors. Angular, rounded, compact, curved… Everyone should be able to find what they are looking for.

Think about choosing a bar that adapts to your TV and your furniture. Ideally, the length of your bar and that of your screen will be identical for the sake of harmony, but there are no rules to respect on this side. Also, keep in mind that most models have a system that facilitates wall mounting.


If the very principle of a soundbar is to avoid the multiplication of speakers and the famous cables hidden under a carpet, many models can be accompanied by a subwoofer. We then obtain a 2.1 system that further improves immersion during viewing films and series.

There is no obligation here, but we can only recommend opting for this option if you have the possibility. By default, the bars struggle a little on the low-frequency side due to their compact format. By adding a subwoofer (or subwoofer), you improve the sound reproduction by providing depth and dynamism.

A good point to note about the subwoofers, some models can be connected directly wirelessly to your speaker. A real plus for users looking for a refined stay.

Finally, keep in mind that if you are not necessarily a movie buff and the use of your TV is mainly limited to watching TV shows, you can skip the subwoofer.


One of the strengths of soundbars is their ease of use. Most models only require two cables: one for power and a second to connect to your screen. As a general rule, we will opt for an optical cable connection if your TV has this type of connection.

In some cases, it is often possible to opt for an HDMI, RCA, or even 3.5 mm connection. In short, there is often plenty to choose from, but remember to check these different points before jumping on a model.


A soundbar isn't just for enjoying movies and series. More products include Bluetooth compatibility allowing you to connect your smartphone or tablet wirelessly to listen to your favorite music. So, of course, we don't have the nomadic side of portable wireless speakers here, but to listen to music at home, a soundbar can completely replace a mini-system. And hop, one more device and fewer cables!

Some products are also compatible with other standards, such as WiFi or DLNA, allowing you to connect directly to your local network. You can then directly transfer music from your computer to the soundbar. Some models are compatible with Multi-Room systems and combine perfectly with WiFi speakers.


I hope that my list of best soundbars under 300 helped you choose the ideal soundbar for you. Soundbars add great intensity and bass to your basic and standard TV sound. With all the features, Soundbars are great to turn your house into a movie theatre, and with different sound modes, they enhance the quality of sound and provide you an amazing sound experience. 

While choosing the best soundbar under 300 for you, make sure you check the specifications clearly and do not buy a product in haste. It is a one-time investment and makes sure you consider all the essential things before buying a soundbar. It is an excellent addition to your basic TV.

Tell me which best soundbar under 300 is your ideal choice from the above list in the comment section 🙂

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