Best Snow Blower Under $1000

As much fascinating snowy winters sound, they are equally disturbing in many ways. People living in the coldest region or location with heavy snowfall know how frustrating moving or cleaning heavy snow from the driveway is.

Thus, whether you are ready for winters yet or not, you must be prepared with the necessary equipment or tools that can tackle heavy snowfall. One such piece of equipment I am going to discuss with you today is a Snow blower.

There are electrically driven as well as manual snow blowers available in the market. What you choose depends on your requirement. For your comfort and ease, I have developed my top picks of the best 2 stage snow blower under $1000 and the best snow blower under $1000.

Briggs & Stratton 1697292 1022EX Snow Blower


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PowerSmart - best snow blower under 1000

With my intense research on two-stage snowblower reviews, the Power Smart PSSAM 24 was a clear winner with its extra features for the price offered.

Like most of the new snowblowers, this one also comes with an electric start option. So plug in an outdoor extension cord, and it will start with just a push on the button.

Its high-performing 212cc engine provides clean snow-clearing action while having the ability to throw the snow up to 40 feet in the air when you clean. It clears the heavy snow from the core without damaging the surface or floor.

This is a 2 stage snow blower where the auger breaks the snow, and the chute diverts it away, so there is no snow clogging. The chute control this blower offers is 180 degrees with 6- forward and 2 reverse speeds for convenient driving. There is a self-propelled system present. It makes the work easier while clearing the snow on the car, road, garden, etc.

It has 13inch inflatable tires that can move and work in deep snow thread bites and slippery terrain, and it is also ideal for asphalt, concrete, and gravel surfaces.

Overall, this is a decent snow blower that easily fits your budget and expectations. Recommended!


  • 24-inch clearing width with 21-inch clearing height.
  • 180- degree chute control.
  • 212cc powerful engine
  • 13-inch wheel with 8 movement variations.
  • Dual-trigger steering

What We Liked

  • It has maximum performance design
  • Electrically powered
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use


Briggs & Stratton

Briggs & Stratton is one of the largest producers of outdoor power equipment. This single-stage snowblower is also one of their best inventions so far. With a 208cc powerful engine and 9.50 foot-pound torque, this snowblower stands strong as the best snow blower under 1000.

It has 22-inch clearing width that lets you clear all the snow in the driveway. Due to its compact size, you will find it easy to control and move it in all directions and clear out the snow that's coming your way. It also saves some storage space in your garage.

Also, with this blower, you can free up snow of the height up to 12-inch with the help of their easy-to-use chute and deflector controls. Another interesting feature is the wear-resistant rubber-edged auger that clears the snow down to the pavement and also aids in pushing the snowblower forward without any hassle.

The controls on this single-stage equipment are easy, and it has a chute-mounted handle that can be moved from left to right, and the deflector helps to change the height to which you wish to throw the snow out.

Overall, if you are looking for a budget snowblower that can be your winter's best friend, then this one is worth giving a shot. Grab it now!


  • Auger-assisted drive system
  • The compact size makes maneuvering easy.
  • 30-degree throwing distance.
  • Single-stage functioning
  • 950 snow series engine, 202cc engine power.

What We Liked

  • Value for money
  • Easy to move or maneuver
  • Electrically driven machine
  • Durable steel frame design


EGO Power+

If you are hunting for a snowblower that works with less noise, this must be your pick. The brand new EGO Power + snow blower is a gas-powered blower that produces no noise or harmful fumes.

This is rated no.1 battery-powered snow blower that uses 2 56V ARC Lithium batteries to power all the tools to clear 12 car driveway with 8inches of snow. Fascinating right?

Also, the peak power technology combines 2 powerful batteries to drive and clear all the snow from its core without touching the ground. Another noteworthy feature of this snow blower is that it can clear snow with a depth 8-inch or more.

This is the best dual-stage snow blower that can be used to clear thick snow layers as it has the toughest steel auger to break the ice and a robust discharge chute to throw snow up to 40 feet. Not only this, the snowblower has a weather-resistant construction so that it can withstand any harsh climatic conditions. You can completely recharge the batteries in just 80 minutes using the dual-port charger.

Since this snowblower is equipped with many features, we can call it the best snow blower under 1000.


  • Peak Power Technology
  • Weather-resistant design
  • Uses 2 ARC Lithium-based batteries.
  • Rechargeable batteries that can be charged up in 80 minutes.
  • 40 feet throwing distance.

What We Liked

  • Smooth functioning
  • Powerful battery
  • Great ergonomics
  • 2 LED headlights for enhanced visibility


Snow Joe - best snow blower under 1000

If you have a strained budget, then we recommend you take a look at this snowblower. Snow Joe 24V-X2-SB18 is a battery-powered snow blower that is versatile equipment that can be used for light-duty jobs and heavy-duty jobs.

With its adjustable chute crank that rotates up to 180 degrees, it can quickly throw the snow up to 20ft in any direction.

It has a 4-blade rubber-tipped steel auger that can easily clear paths up to 18"wide and 10" deep in just a single go. So you can use this blower to clear more snows of height 5 to 10-inches, and 3-4inches for wet snow. Although this snow blower is not very useful with wet snow, it can still manage to clean.

This is a lightweight snowblower. Thus, it is easy to move without any trouble. It is very convenient to push it even in extreme conditions. This blower comes with a 48V 4.0 Ah battery that is sufficient to work for 20minutes. The durability of this snow blower depends on how long or how frequently you will use it.

If you are clearing the snow at a time, you can turn on the 2W LED headlight and do the clearing work comfortably. Lastly, there is a safety switch present that can prevent accidental starting.


  • 48V 4.0 Ah battery powered.
  • A 1200W brushless motor can clean up to 14 tons of snow.
  • 2W LED headlights are included for nighttime
  • 20ft throwing height at an angle of 180 degrees.
  • 4 bladed rubber steel auger

What We Liked

  • Very little assembly needed
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful battery backup
  • Highly affordable


PowerSmart - best snow blower under 1000

This snow blower includes a powerful 15-amp motor and can move more than 500 pounds each time. This snowblower can yank 30 feet of snow and can throw up to a distance of 180 degrees. Besides, you can change the height or direction of the chute to which you wish to throw the snow.

PowerSmart is the top brand that makes the best two-stage snowblower. This PowerSmart snowblower is easy to use and maneuver because of its lightweight.

With this snow blower, you can work efficiently as the scraper blade of 21-inch width, and 12.5-inch height cleans the snow without damaging the pavement. This manual snowblower with an electric starter operates quietly because it doesn't require gas, tune-ups, or oil.

Not only that, this power snow shovel has a safety design that prevents accidental start-up and quickly stops the auger and impeller when the user accidentally releases the auger trigger.


  • 30 feet throwing distance.
  • 12.5-inch clearing depth and 21-inch clearing width.
  • 180 ° chute degree for snow throwing.
  • 120V; 60Hz motor performance.
  • Features push-button start.

What We Liked

  • Very efficient for light and heavy snow.
  • Affordable
  • Easy to start and move
  • High-quality auger


Massimo  - best snow blower under 1000

This snow blower is made to make your winter easy. M Massimo is a 24-inch wide snowblower that promises excellent performance even on deep snow surfaces.

Also, it offers single-handled controls, so your one hand stays free to change chute direction or speed without stopping. The 196cc snowblower is powerful enough to work in the coldest conditions and easily remove the snow build-up in your driveway.

This snow blower has an in-dash LED headlight to increase your sight while clearing the snow in the extreme dark. Gripper tires increase the stability of the overall blower while driving on rough driveways.


  • 196cc reliable engine.
  • 24-inch wide width of the auger to grab maximum snow in one go.
  • Standard LED headlights for better visibility in the dark.
  • Single-hand operation

What We Liked

  • Affordable
  • This snow blower has maximum snow grabbing capacity
  • with its 24-inch wide auger.
  • Excellent build quality
  • Decent guarantee



Snow Joe is specialized in bringing up new outdoor tools and equipment, and the SJ625E is one such snow blower that is made to clear heavy snowfall at ease.

The auger is so strong that it can cut 21-inch wide and 12-inch deep snow layers. In addition, to its remarkable power and snow cutting capacity, this snowblower also has an adjustable discharge chute that can rotate to 180° and throw up to 25 feet in the air.

The best part about this electric single-stage snowblower is it does not require frequent maintenance, no oiling or greasing is needed for smooth functioning. No matter how bad the weather is, it will still manage to run efficiently.


  • Steel auger with 2 rubber blades.
  • 3W LED headlights.
  • 180° adjustable discharge chute direction.
  • 25 feet throwing distance and 18-inch clearing width.
  • Affordable

What We Liked

  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive
  • Require no maintenance
  • Smooth functioning


Manual start snow blowers are always tiring; the gas cannot keep the engine running in low temperatures, but electrically driven snow blowers can be much more helpful when it comes to clearing bulky snow layers due to their enormous power engine. People who have worked with manual starts know how much trouble it causes in extremely cold conditions.

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You have to pull the cord until it starts but with electric snow blowers, you do not have to struggle, you simply have to push the start button, and the engine starts automatically. Thus using the electric start is much more beneficial than a manual start. However, electric start snow blowers are much more expensive as compared to manual start, which is why I have enlisted the best 2 stage snow blowers.


Snowblowers are classified into two types, namely single-stage snowblower and two-stage snowblower. In a single-stage snowblower, the auger pulls the snow in and discharging it out through the discharge chute. Single-stage snowblowers make contact with the ground; thus, they are not suitable for malformed surfaces.

The reason why a single-stage blower is a good choice is that it can be used for cleaning smooth surfaces. It offers more electric vs gas power options than 2 stage blowers. A 2-stage snowblower, on the other hand, is a strong piece of equipment that can handle thick snowy surfaces. In this, the auger pulls the snow into the blower, then forages it to a high-speed impeller then through a discharge chute, the snow is discharged.

These types of blowers are suitable to drive on an unpaved surface because here, the auger doesn't make any contact with the ground. In my opinion, you must choose a 2-stage snow blower because they can clear heavy or profound snow easily without much manual functioning. Thus, always choose the best two-stage snow blowers for your ease and also because 2 stage snow blowers are much more affordable if you consider long-run usage.


All the snow blowers are made for retail and heavy-duty purposes, so buying the right equipment is highly important. The blower must be powerful enough to remove heavy snow layers from the ground. As a buyer or investor, you must be aware of things to consider while buying a single-stage or two-stage snowblower.

Since here we are focused only on the best 2 stage snowblower, we will only consider parameters essential for successful buying.


This is the major factor to check in any best and cheap 2 stage snowblower. The blade depth or intake height of a snowblower indicates the size of the blade. The ideal height of any snowblower must be more than 10-inch. In 2 stage snowblower, there are two blade sizes available, 22-inch and 10-inch. Larger blade depth means quicker snow breaking or clearing. So, choose the best size as per your snow thickness.


Most of the top-rated two-stage snow blowers are used for commercial purposes, and gas engines work better because they are long-lasting and less expensive, whereas electric engines are highly powerful but not very useful in clearing light or flaky snow residues. Thus, if your usage is going to be optimum, make sure to use a gas engine only.


Snow auger is another important parameter that you should consider before buying a snowblower. People familiar with snow blowers would know what an auger is. But, not everybody knows, so I will just briefly explain that it's a tool attached to the head of the blower that cuts, breaks, and discharges snow into tiny pieces from the discharge chute.

So, while buying, make sure to check the build of the auger it has to be either plastic or steel. Steel-constructed augers are much more durable than plastic. Likewise, you have to check for the number of blades on the auger, it is said that having 4 blades on the auger gives a better effect in clearing the snow.


Best 2 stage snow blowers have this feature where it lets you handle the blower single-handled as it has a handlebar that will not stop in between to discharge the snow. The process remains continuous, i.e., the auger breaks the snow, and the chute keeps discharging the snow out while clearing the snowy surface. Thus, make sure your snowblower has single-hand control.


This factor is important if you work in the dark. Clearing ice in the dark can sometimes become tricky because you might not be able to cover all the ice but, if you have a headlight on your snowblower, then the work would become a lot easier. The headlights will help you see snow properly to clear.

Most of the 2 stage snow blowers reviews show snow blowers that have headlights on them are a bit pricier.


This factor is important to consider if you live in extremely cold weather (-4°) etc. Your hands are always exposed to cold while working on the snowblower. Thus some snow blowers also offer heated hand grips to keep your hands warm all the time.

This will not feel hot, but the blower will produce enough heat to keep your hands warm.


Accelerators are not present in every snowblower. They are available in 3 stage snow blowers; thus, this is the only feature that differentiates 3 stage blowers from 2 stage snow blowers. This feature is beneficial because it helps clear the snow quickly when you are in a hurry. It quickly collects the snow from the auger and forces it up through the discharge chute. Snowblowers with accelerators are sometimes referred to as multi-stage snow blowers.


This feature is hard to find in any top-rated 2 stage snow blowers; only some of the popular brands have launched this smart function so far, namely MTD, Troy-Bilt, Yard Machines, etc. Airless tires are helpful when the surface around your home or office is unpaved, filled with stones and other disturbing objects.

Driving a snowblower with such a surface can be difficult and time-consuming as well. So, having airless tires gives you the benefit of riding the blower over rough surfaces so you can clear the driveway easily. If your chosen snowblower has airless tires, then you should buy them so you can use them on all types of surfaces, including unpaved or uneven.


1. Is a 2 stage snow blower worth the money?

Yes, a 2 stage snowblower is always worth more than a single-stage snowblower in terms of functionality and features. The 2 stage snow blower has a sharp steel auger with blades that easily cut down, and pull snow inside and excrete it out through the discharge chute.

2 stage snow blowers are much more durable than single-stage snowblowers, so you can consider it as a one-time investment once you buy you can run them for decades only if the brand offers the highest warranty.

2. Difference between a snowblower and a snow thrower

Technically, a snow thrower is referred to as a single-stage snowblower as it scoops the snow up and throws it out from the chute, whereas snowblowers also perform a similar mechanism, but they have an impeller in them that blows the snow out from the discharge chute hence named so.

Thus you can differentiate snow blowers as 2 stage snow blowers and snow throwers as single-stage snow blowers.

3. How to refill a gas snow blower?

STEP 1: Use automatic gasoline with 87 octanes and be very gentle while handling gasoline.

STEP 2: Fill the tank up to a level of marking.

STEP 3: Close the lid immediately

" Note: Do not use E85 gasoline "


One of the most important equipment you must have in your hand during winter is a snowblower. The best 2 stage snow blower that does not cost more than $1000 can be your ideal choice. That said, we have listed out some best selling snow blowers in this article. Check it out and grab the one which suits your budget and expectations. Cheers!

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