Best Golf Simulator Under 1000 [Budget Picks]

Golf is the most elitist sport that’s ever invented. For that reason, not everybody can afford to take it up on the actual golf field. 

Are you a huge fan of golf too? Then you should buy a simulator that gives you a realistic experience right from your level of comfort.

As much as amusing this plan sounds, there are still certain barriers that restrict golf lovers from attempting to purchase a simulator, i.e., the simulator’s expensive price range.

However, not every golf simulator is tagged high on price, and you have to be very selective while choosing the simulator. There’s nothing to worry about even if you don’t know how to select the best budget golf simulator because this article is going to cover it all.

If you are looking forward to buying a budget-friendly simulator, then you can also see my recommended picks for the best golf simulator for under $1000. To know everything about the best golf simulators, stick with me till the end.


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In a nutshell, FlightScope Mevo is an entry-level golf launch monitor that offers the most advanced ball flight data with the highest accuracy and all this only at a price range of $500. When this best affordable golf simulator was launched, golfers got very excited seeing how good and portable this golf monitor has turned out.

Besides, the level of parameters it can measure are amazing; Smash factor, club head speed, spin rate, apex height, and many more. FlightScope Mevo monitor provides golf lovers the ability to improve their gaming performance on purpose by showing all the data parameters and recording all the data from each session. So by analyzing the data provided, golfer can analyze her/his performance and improve accordingly.

The most catchy and unique feature this monitor has is capturing action video clips. This Mevo app automatically captures every action swing of yours and shows all the corresponding data on a single screen. 

How it works

Using FlightScope Mevo’s portable monitor is easy if you have the necessary app installed on your mobile. You have to place this monitor 4 to 7 feet behind the position of the ball, then do all the settings and connect via Bluetooth. Most of the settings on this monitor are easy to calibrate, but the most important thing necessary to get accuracy is entering the accurate distance and height between the ball and the monitor.

As soon as you change the settings, the screen will show you connected, after which you can start hitting the ball. Once you press start, all the parameters like Smash factor, club head and ball speed, launch angle, and maximum height, time airborne, and spin rate will be tracked. 


  • You can practice both indoors and outdoors easily
  • 3D Doppler radar technology for providing real time data parameters
  • Automatic capturing of video clips from any angle
  • It measures carry distance, club speed, smash factor, vertical launch angle, flight time, and apex height.

What We Liked

  • Lightweight and portable monitor
  • Supports both Android and iOS
  • Helps to analyze and optimize your performance
  • Customizable interface.

2) OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator for Home

This is an excellent golf simulator for the money as it includes a striking surface as well as a net for practicing your swing while playing Golf.  

Golfers have been using the simulator for years, and it has never let them down and has been consistent in providing realistic experience. They particularly enjoyed OptiShot's capacity to function with both actual and foam balls, as well as without any balls at all. The mat that comes here measures 5 feet by 4 feet, and the net is 7.5 feet by 8 feet which gives you a sense of size.

It comes with sandbags to hold it securely in place. But you need to buy a separate golf simulator impact screen and pair it up with the setup and get the real experience.

You can bring your friends home to play golf as you'll be able to play four-person golf. So overall, if you don't want to spend a lot of money on a golf simulator in general. In that case, the Optishot 2 golf simulator system is a good alternative for playing and improving your game from home without spending a lot of money.

How it works

This golf simulator doesn't need any complicated setup. All you have to do is find enough space to fix the simulator setup and get started right away. So it is considered as the most convenient and natural system which helps you to score better.

It comes with a golf mat that is designed to fit the simulator directly onto the mat. The foam and turf are of high quality. So while playing on it, you get real golf experience.

You get a hitting net that is made of premium netting which is reinforced with fiberglass frame. Setting up this net is quite easy. So you can play the real golf balls shots at home itself.  

With the help of its high-speed 48MHz infrared sensors, the system gives you instant, accurate feedback on your golf shots. So, in turn, you get an in-depth statistical analysis of your game to analyze and improve your game.

What's included in the box?

  • Infrared Optical Swing Pad,
  • OptiShot2 Software with 15 Courses,
  • USB Cable 10 ft.,
  • Two Foam Practice Balls,
  • Adjustable Rubber Tees,
  • OptiShot Hitting Mat,
  • OptiShot Full Portable Hitting Net


  • It is compatible with Windows and Mac
  • Optishot's hitting net
  • The mat is especially designed to fit the simulator directly onto the mat
  • The high quality turf delivers the lifelike experience

What We Liked

  • Affordable
  • Nice graphics
  • Ease of setup.
  • Various golf courses right out of the box
  • Pretty realistic gameplay



If you compare Phigolf vs. Optishot, you would see Phigolf offers more features and accessories than Optishot. On top of that, this is the cheap golf simulator setup you can buy for your home. With the Phigolf simulator, you can have a lifelike experience with its high-end features and variety of courses.

Phigolf offers a variety of game modes, so you don't get bored. Some of the games are multiplayer as well, so you can invite your friends to play over.

It comes with a state-of-the-art sensor and swing stick, using which you can practice your golf swing on the best courses in the world. Not only that, Phigolf's 9-axis sensor and swing stick allows you to play world championship courses.

By connecting the WGT app and E6CONNECT, you get stunning graphics that allows you to play over 20 to 40 app 18 holes major championship and iconic Ryder cup golf courses. The primary data Phigolf can evaluate face angle, club speed, club path, attack angle, carry distance, and swing tempo. The best part is it can be ideal for both beginners and professionals.

With so many features and accessories, you can tell that this is the lightest budget golf simulator available in the market.

What’s included

  • Phigolf swing stick
  • Micro USB charge cable
  • Phigolf sensor


  • Compatible with iOS and Android Operating systems.
  • WGT Golf and Phigolf tournaments.
  • Phigolf swing stick and 9-axis 3D swing sensor
  • 4 hours run time or battery life

What We Liked

  • Gives you realistic graphics
  • Competitive price
  • Comes with multiple game modes
  • Indoor and Outdoor use



Rapsodo indoor monitor is the best golf launch monitor under $1000 not only for its ability to evaluate all the swing data but also for its design, quality, and the magnitude of features it offers.

This portable golf simulator monitor is designed to be run through the smartphone. It records all your shots with playback and actively traces all the measures so you can swing your next shot more effectively.

It is bit disappointing that this mobile launch monitor is available only for iOS, but they are working hard to soon launch this monitor in the Android version. Due to its convenience, ease of use, affordability, and portability, we can say that this is the best and cheap indoor golf simulator that works best for all golf simulator guys or pro golf enthusiasts.

How it works

Using this monitor is easy if you are familiar with the procedure. First, you have to install the Rapsodo Golf app on your mobile, calibrate, do the settings, change the mode and start hitting.

Besides measuring accurate club head speed, launch direction, smash factor, ball speed, this monitor has a special feature that uses GPS to check where exactly your ball landed. You can use this monitor during indoor golf simulator gaming as well as outdoor hitting. In both cases, you can see the maximum potential of this monitor.


  • Can store 10,000+ shots in the library.
  • Coach Connect to get lessons from professional players.
  • Set up in under 30 seconds.
  • MLM Net feature compatible
  • Groundbreaking features like a shot tracker, indoor net capacity, video feedback, club gapping, GPS shot map and shot library.

What We Liked

  • You get instant feedback
  • You can use it for both indoor and outdoor
  • Validates perfect distance accuracy.

5) Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzer

Surprisingly, the Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzer is our best value option. We believe this is unexpected because of all of the technology used to assist you in improving your golf game.

The kit contains a sensor that connects to the end of your club, a charging station, and an app that works with any smart device. You may use the app to capture videos of all of your strokes and then evaluate them using superimposed stats.

The in-app training center will next provide you with advice and ideas for improving your strokes. You can simply share your movies and analytics with your teacher or friends on social media through the app. The app is available for both Android and iOS. Furthermore, standard or larger attachments allow the Blast sensor to be easily attached to the grip of any driver, putter, wedge, or iron.

In addition, based on your performance, the app provides drills and recommendations from golf professionals and qualified coaches to help you improve your consistency and decrease your scores.

You may use this application to record high-quality recordings of your swing and then utilize swing analyzers to enhance it. Blast Golf is an economical solution if you want to grasp everything about your golf swing and putting.


  • Capture and analyze full swing
  • Get accurate metrics and valuable insights
  • Smart video capture

What We Liked

  • User Friendly 
  • Feedback Data
  • Very fair pricing
  • Instant Share
  • Enhanced Training

6) Ernest Sports ES14 Pro Portable Launch Monitor

If you are planning to set your indoor golf simulator at a reasonable cost, you must ensure that you purchase a high-quality launch monitor that fits within your budget.  Ernest Sports' ES14 launch monitor may be a suitable fit in this category.

The ES14 has Doppler radar technology that measures club speed, launch angle, ball speed, smash factor, spin rate, and distance and presents the results on a crisp LCD screen. The data it displays is accurate. 

The Ernest Sports ES14 is an entry-level launch monitor with a lot of functions and tracking outcomes. To be truthful, at this price range, it exceeds expectations. Aside from the features, let's look at the appearance, performance, pros, and downsides of this launch monitor. The size of the launch monitor may be just what you're searching for. 

It is available in two color options, black and white; both appear trendy and excellent. The LCD screen display on top matches the design, albeit a larger screen would have been preferable. 

However, the audible feedback prevents you from bending over and staring at the screen too frequently. It stands with its back slightly bent, yet it maintains its balance and does not fall over too quickly.


  • Capture and analyze full swing
  • Get accurate metrics and valuable insights
  • Smart video capture

What We Liked

  • User Friendly 
  • Feedback Data
  • Very fair pricing
  • Instant Share
  • Enhanced Training


tittle X

This is one of the most interesting as well as cheap golf simulators you can buy for indoor golfing. This simulator is more of an analyzer that allows you to use motion sensors to improve your swing.

The Tittle X covers most of the basic data, such as clubhead speed, ball speed, etc., through the swing stick. This simulator comes with an E6 connect software that offers real golf courses and endless options for tournaments. 

Connect it to a TV or smartphone, or PC to enjoy golfing at home. With the attached swing stick that gives sensor reaction in no more than 01. Second lets you accurately measure your swing, speed, and other data. The sensor can be easily removed using the multi-cradle. 

What's Included

  • Title X Micro Sensor
  • Retractable Swing Stick
  • Multiple Clip and Bands
  • 4 Fixed Clips
  • E6 Connect key


  • With its mobile swing analysis system you can get accurate precision
  • Supports up to 8 simultaneous players
  • You can connect it using smartphone or tablet

What We Liked

  • You can take simulator anywhere
  • It display accurate data
  • Micro lightweight sensor


Garmin Approach G80 - BEST GOLF SIMULATOR FOR UNDER $1000

This is a two-in-one golf simulator that acts both as a golf handheld and golf radar. The Garmin Approach G80 is specialized in measuring shot distances, swing tempo, smash factor, clubhead speed, ball speed, and much more. This could be a go-to device due to its portability and lightweight.

The simulator offers a 3.5-inch touchscreen and comes with 40,000 golf course maps. This handy launch monitor is great also because it offers multiple practice courses, tournaments, different game modes that will allow you to work on your skills and perform even better in every session. 

How it works

The Garmin Approach G80 works only with the Garmin Golf App. Once you have installed the app on your mobile, you can place your phone on the Approach G80, where you can connect and then start competing with other golfers present in each course.

What’s included

  • Garmin Approach G80.
  • Trolley/Cart Mount
  • Lanyard carabiner


  • 3.5-inch touchscreen display with slim design.
  • Measures clubhead speed, ball speed, smash factor, swing tempo, and ball distance.
  • Integrated 41,000 detailed color golf course maps.
  • Battery life up to 15 hours with GPS on.
  • Plays like distance feature for adjusting uphill or downhill shots.

What We Liked

  • Good battery life
  • Unique design 
  • Value for money


Spectrum Golf

After intensive research and trials, Spectrum’s 14-inch golf impact screen set up was introduced. This golf screen setup takes very little space; thus, you can install it up against your basement wall, bedroom, or even in the garage. As this screen is surrounded by frames, it makes it look exactly like a movie theatre so that golfers can have the most amazing experience.

The overall frame size of this screen is 120 x 105 x 13 with 3 feet sidewalls. So you can imagine how good it would look once it’s fully set up. This is the best home golf simulator for installation and everyday sessions.

How it works

This monitor starts after installation. So to set up this monitor, you have to make certain considerations.

Screen area: Measure the length, height, and width of the room you want to install your impact screen. Ideally, the wall must be 8feet high to enjoy the screen’s maximum potential. The depth of the swing in this golf simulator should be at least 10 feet deep, and your standing position should be 7 feet away from the impact screen.

Installation: This screen is attached with a pending sleeve system or sewn-in straps. The best thing about this setup is all the weight goes on the PVC pipe and not on the golf screen material, which also makes this impact screen 100% adjustable to prevent ball bounce.

Once the setup is ready, you can go ahead and start by hitting the virtual ball on the screen. 

What’s included

  • Ultimate Home Theater HD impact screen.
  • 12 Adjustable straps.
  • Ball bungees and nylon ties.
  • 3 feet sidewalls.


  • Freestanding HD home theatre screen.
  • It includes all the connectors, panels, and adjustable straps.
  • Comes with a Supertex impact screen that can handle real golf balls.

What We Liked

  • Wall mountable.
  • Customizable sizes.
  • 6 month warranty
  • Adjustable cables



This is one of the best and affordable golf simulators that falls under the price range of $1000. Terakart indoor golf impact screen comes in various sizes to fit your needs. However, it is recommended to use a net or a back panel to keep the impact screen long-lasting. The screen is 100% polyester which makes it strong enough to take up hard hits or fast throws.

How it works

The heavy-duty screen has to be set up against the wall. Net and mat should be placed 7 feet away from the impact screen. The position of the leg and the ball must be even. So, make sure the mat has a ‘tee’ so you can stand on it and accurately plan your swing. Once you hit the ball, it will hit the screen, and the screen will know exactly where your ball landed at what angle and speed.

What’s included

  • 1 x 100% polyester golf projection impact screen.


  • Full HD display picture quality 
  • Multi-functional screen.
  • Absorb impact screen made with 100% polyester material.

What We Liked

  • Indoor/Outdoor use.
  • Beginners and professional skills.
  • Affordable pick



The next impact screen worth mentioning is from ProScreens. It comes in a seamless 96’x96’ display screen, which offers top-quality mesh material made from strong woven fabric.

The best part about this impact screen is you do not need any reinforcement or back panel for this impact screen it can hang on its own as the nylon mesh fabric creates a huge impact and stops the ball no matter the speed or distance. For this reason, I can say that this is one of the best and affordable golf simulators for home.

How it works

This is a 96” tall and 96 “wide impact screen. So, before installing, you have to make sure your room or basement wall has enough space to fit this impact screen. You can assemble and start the game on your mobile and share it over the impact screen to start playing multiple games on it.


  • Pre- reinforced pocket sewn on the top and bottom of the screen.
  • Seamless impact screen size
  • The pocket sewn allows a maximum of 3/4” pipe for snug-fitting.
  • Nylon mesh fabric for maximum impact.

What We Liked

  • High quality mesh screen
  • Value for money


In-home golf simulator costs could range from $500 and can go up to $3000. But, which one to choose depends on your requirements and most importantly your budget.

If you know what parameters to consider in a golf simulator, then buying it becomes easier. But, if you are not aware, you might end up wasting money, and it will be a bad investment for you. Thus, I bring some parameters you must consider before buying a cheap golf simulator for your home. 


The size of the golf simulator is a crucial point of consideration when it comes to experiencing HD or 3D effects while playing virtual golf. Major budget-friendly simulators only come in the form of tracking devices and software, which might sometimes not be enough if you want to be a professional golfer. You will need a bigger screen to improve your performance in golf. So, choose the size which you think will suit your likings and comfort. 


Portability is another factor that is considered important while buying the best cheap golf simulator. If your golf simulator set up involves a mat, and a net, then make sure it is portable because if it is portable, you can carry it around in a duffle bag and travel wherever you want.

But, if you want your golf simulator setup to stay permanently in a single place, then portability doesn’t matter. If you travel frequently and want to carry your golf simulator with you only, then you should consider portability as a major factor.


The more features, the better will be the functionality of your golf simulator. Thus, make sure the golf simulator launcher or set up you are planning to buy plenty of built-in features, so you don’t have to regret it later.

You have to see if your golf simulator is accurately taking inputs, processing and analyzing data, and delivering accurate output, this is the core functionality of any golf simulator, so see if the simulator you are planning to buy can program all these functions effectively. 


Indoor golfing is becoming more and more popular due to which has led to many technological advancements in golf simulation. All of these advancements are brought by specialized software. If you don’t have the right software in your simulator, your efforts in buying a golf simulator go in vain. Thus, whenever you see a simulator look for specifications and softwares that it includes. 


This may be the last priority but is still important when it comes to buying a golf simulator. Not every golf lover can afford a higher premium simulator. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available in the low price range. Having said that, you will realize that the features and software a budget-tight simulator offers are minimal.

Thus, you should set a budget for yourself because virtual golf simulators cost huge, and if you cannot get your desired feel in the simulator you’ve purchased, it would be a disappointment. Thus, in this article, I have enlisted golf simulators from different price ranges. 


If you still think the golf simulator you are trying to buy for under $1000 is not up to your expectations, then you have another choice as well, i.e., building your golf simulator by buying different components and assembling them later.

To build a perfect simulator setup, you need the following equipment;


The projector is optional. You can run the simulator on your PC or laptop, but if you want to have full experience on full screen, then a projector is a better choice.

The projector will give you a real experience of playing golf in an actual field. Using a projector will greatly enhance your golf experience as it will enable you to see your performance on a bigger screen and the ball flying up in the air makes it look more realistic. Projectors do not come easy, and they fall on the expensive side; hence, choose wisely. 

Projector screen

Choosing whether to have a projector or not could be very tricky. But, once you have made up your mind, there is no stopping. While choosing a projector screen, you have to be particular if you want to have a short throw projector or not.

Short-throw projectors are made for a short distances golf experience that will let you have maximum immersive display experience. Another thing you have to consider is lumens which decide the amount of brightness the projector screen will have.

Ideally, for dim lightroom, the lumen range must be around 3000. Once you are settled on the lumen valve, the next thing you have to consider is the aspect ratio based on the shape of the projector. If your projector is square, it must have an aspect ratio of 4:3, and if it’s a rectangle, the aspect ratio must be 16:9.

Golf mat

A golf mat is not needed until you have a special requirement for it. If you want to use a golf simulator for the home, make sure the hitting mat or golf mat has a ‘tee’ where you can stand and hit off the ball or take a swing.

If you buy fake turf, your leg position will be different from that of the ball, which does not make sense if you are playing golf. Thus, if you want to use this simulator for a long period, it is highly recommended to buy a golf mat as well. 

Driving net

Most of the golf simulator setup comes with a net, but if not, you may have to buy it separately. A driving net will help secure your room from any damage. With a net surrounding the projector, you will be bound to play only within the area of the net. Make sure the net you buy comes bigger so you can set it up properly in your garage or basement. 


Software is all by which your simulator is driven. So, choosing which software to buy is a tricky choice. Different golf simulators have different software in them to offer solutions for you to improve your golf skills. The most commonly available software are as follows, and it’s best if you choose any 2 -3 from these; 

SkyTrak: This software lets you practice driving, mini-games, superficial display, and full integration with WGT(World Golf Tour).

Optishot 2: Optishot 2 home golf simulator package offers exclusive practice sessions, multiple gaming options and teaches ways how to do stroke play, better ball, alternate shot, and match play.

The Golf Club: This software offers multiple golf practice courses, live golf tours, and tournaments. You can also use the special offer that allows you to build your golf setup.

E6 Connect: This is another great premium software that you can buy. It provides various golf courses, mini-games, training sessions, tournaments, and many other features.

You can choose any software from this or can opt for other software based on your requirements. In my opinion, optishot, infrared golf simulator software, will be a great option due to its affordability and ease of use. 


1. What’s the best room size I need for a golf simulator?

The ideal size or space required to set up a golf simulator is 10’W X 10’ L x 8.5’ H. If your room meets all of these requirements, you are ready to go ahead and set up the golf simulator. 

2.  What do you wear to an indoor golf simulator?

Even-though indoor gaming has become a casual environment, there is still need for proper golf attire. Like, the shoes that you wear must have rubber soles, so you have the perfect grip while standing on the hitting mat.


Since indoor gaming becomes a casual environment, there is no need for proper golf attire. However, shoes that you wear must have rubber soles so you have the perfect grip while standing on the hitting mat. 

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