Best Field Watch Under 200

Field watches are everything that the word perfect would encase. Be it for a solo trip, hiking, or underwater dive; field watches are not affected by any.

A field watch's antiquity dates back to many years, especially to the Second World War. It was used during wartime by soldiers mainly for its efficiency in delivering accurate and authentic-time.  

But they not only served their role in history but have also been serving people in contemporary times.

Best Field Watch Under 200

Field watches in modern times are dependent on their accuracy, but furthermore for their strength and durability. Chances are you could still use a working vintage field watch from decades ago, assured of its longevity and endurance. If you wish to opt for the best field watch with a fashionable twist to it, through this article, I will suggest for you 8 of the best field watches under 200 that will fit in your budget.




 If you search for an affordable field watch that doesn't burn your pocket, you must check out the SEIKO automatic stainless steel watch. 

If you asked me to describe the SNK805 model manufactured by Seiko, I would call it 'eye-opening.' It was founded in 1881 by a young 22-year-old, Kintaro Hattori, even after 140 years Seiko does not fail to live up to its name. 

I would call its physical appearance a trendy and polished watch that is better suitable for outdoor activity. This watch is not only inexpensive but also durable at the same time. Powered by a 21-jewel automatic movement, it is enabled to deliver the correct time to you. With scintillating hands and an olive analog display, this is the best automatic field watch under 200 that you can purchase.

The watch band is made up of nylon, and it has a classy and retro design. What makes me call this the best field watch is its hardlex mineral glass and polished stainless steel case that adds a fitting match to your wardrobe. 

Not only this, this is an automatic mechanical watch which means it doesn't run on batteries. Rather they are powered by the movement of the wearer's arm. So we can also call this watch as one of the best mechanical watches under 200.

It is recommended to wound the mainspring of your watch sufficiently before using it for the first time. Otherwise, the time becomes less accurate. Also, to maintain accuracy, you must wear the watch for 8 hours or more.

Aside from these features, this watch is water-resistant up to 30m and can withstand splashes or brief immersion in water, but they are recommended for swimming. 


  • It has a stainless round steel case.
  • It measures 1 x 1.5 x 0.4 inches.
  • The strap length is 7 inches.
  • It is eco-friendly and has an adjustable-sized nylon green band with buckle closure.
  • It has a Hardlex crystal mineral protective glass.
  • It has a calendar function showcasing the current day and date.
  • A 12-hour dial is displayed.
  • Powered by a 21-jewel automatic movement and it does not require a battery.


  • Fashionable and trendy design.
  • The illuminated hands make it easier for you to read.
  • Automatic movement as it does not require a battery.
  • It is waterproof up to 30 m (99 ft).
  • You can easily adjust the band according to your wrist size.


  • It is not ideal if you want to go diving or swimming.



To understand all the propaganda surrounding the BM8180-03E model by Citizen, I decided to use it myself, and boy, was I delighted. Certainly being impressed by its performance and fascinating look, I would recommend this as the best field watch present in the market.

Be it a pair of jeans, a plain tee, or a tux; you can pair this watch with any of your outfits for any occasion. Built with Citizen's eco-drive technology, this model is a military-style field watch. Soldiers would use something like this in their times. A vintage olive green strap and black analog display give a traditional and military look to it.

The first thing that caught my eye was its dial, which shows off the reddish-brown photovoltaic solar cell in sunlight. The dial is also straightforward to read with big numbers, and you can tell the time at a glimpse. The bright hands on the model exude a bold and fierce look that will make you want to see the time more often. The BM8180-03E is contemporarily similar to the traditional American field watch.

I have never had a watch that shines light or lime, so this model further fascinated me in dark areas. So it is perfect if you are out camping in a dark environment. You will be able to make out the time easily by its adequate lume. 

What is even more interesting is that you can leave the watch anywhere for more than four months, and it will keep ticking. This is because, unlike battery-based watches, this is solar or light-powered, and on a full charge, can work for days.   

Apart from this, this watch is water-resistant up to 100m, and so you can use this watch during swimming and snorkeling, but it is not suitable for scuba diving. Also, a winding crown is present that helps prevent water and dust from entering the case. One of the best American made watches under $200.


  • Works on a Solar/light-powered eco-technology.
  • The canvas band is made up of nylon, with adjustable buckle closure.
  • Waterproof up to 100 m.
  • Calendar function showcasing day and date.
  • A 12-hour dial is displayed.
  • Has a stainless round steel case.
  • A 3-hand analog is displayed with a Japanese quartz movement.


  • Eco-friendly using renewable energy.
  • It can work endlessly for months.
  • It uses a Fluorescent lume that is helpful in dark areas.
  • You can use it for swimming, snorkeling, and in-surface water sports.
  • It is Dustproof and light-weight.


  • Not suitable if you wear it for deep water sports, like scuba-diving.


Bertucci has been in the market since 2003 and has been consistent in making high-quality watches at affordable prices. The A-1S is an improvised version manufactured by Bertucci and can be definitely known as the best field watch under $200 that is a must-buy for you! 

Unlike ordinary watches, this ideal model will offer you the best features beyond what you can hope for. Go for a trek, hike, or camping. This product will provide you with great services always. Based on the quartz movement, you can always depend on it for an accurate time. This watch points out 24-hour markings towards the center, which means it ideally shows you military time.

Happen to be in a dark room or star gazing on a dark night? You can still see the time because of its glowing lume on the analog display.

I assure you that you will be impressed by its US patented two-ply nylon Bertucci band that promises you long-lasting strength and comfort. The US patented 40 mm sandblasted matte finishing touch offers extreme endurance and no inconvenient discomfort. The stainless steel case with its hardened mineral crystal promises long life, and it can sustain rough conditions easily. 

Overall, this watch is PERFECT! You will love the field watch style, and this one is rugged enough to last a long time. With the steel case, screw-down crown, and solid lugs, you can expect not just a rugged one but also a good-looking timepiece.


  • Hardened mineral glass crystal
  • Swiss Quartz movement.
  • It is waterproof and water resistance up to 100.
  • Band is made of ply nylon
  • Ergonomically offset at 4 o'clock screw down crow
  • Its hands and number markers are coated with a luminous phosphorescent glowing solution.


  • It is resistant to scratches and is dustproof.
  • High quality in its build and its structure.
  • The watch strap feels absolutely comfortable on your wrist.
  • Time is accurately delivered and is easy to read.
  • It is light-weight and extremely durable.


  • The 36 mm  round case can feel a little small on the wrist for a few people.



If you want your watch to look modern but with something classical, this Victorinox 249087 field watch is ideal for you. Wearing this watch will definitely take you back in time.

It manifests a sense of valor in black and red, but the round shape gives it a calming presence. The black aluminum bezel present here compliments its black dial and strap. 

Although made out of plastic, its performance will not dissatisfy you. It is easy to read, simple to wear and has a straightforward design. So you can wear it for a jog or grocery shopping. It will suit you wholly and can tolerate a bit of ruggedness. The size and weight of this model make it another plus factor for you to purchase. 

You may think that a Swiss-manufactured watch will burn a hole in your pocket, this wrist watch is not just high-quality but also budget-friendly. As it is simple to understand and read, I would call this the best field watch under 200. Add it to your antique watch collection or use it every day; buy it now!


  • Made up of a Crystal mineral hard dial glass.
  • Features a 3-hand analog display.
  • The Nylon band has an adjustable buckle closure.
  • The bandwidth is 21 mm.
  • Calendar function showing the date of the month.
  • It is water-resistant up to 330 ft.
  • Swiss-quartz movement.


  • This classic field watch can work easily for a very long time.
  • You can easily change the battery on your own.
  • Capable of glowing in a dark environment.
  • Noiseless, as there is no ticking sound.
  • This Swiss field watch is super-comfortable to wear on your wrist.


  • It is not anti-reflective, nor is it scratch-proof.



Nixon Regulus is so strong that I would not want to fight it. It is one of the best field watches under 200 that you can buy easily, and it can overcome the facilities of a smartwatch easily.

Nixon has tirelessly been providing people across the nation with an extensive variety of watches with important qualities. But its Regulus is something that can be claimed as its best range. Not only fashionable, but it also performs greatly. Its black version is versatile and pairs suitably well with anything that you wear.

For those who are trendy but want something unique, this watch ticks off all the boxes. I am amazed by its impact-resistant feature with its padded case and a stainless steel bezel. Its TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) band assures an absolute minimum chance of damage. You cannot, however, try to exchange the straps for another.

On the underside of the watch, you will notice channels that help decrease or maintain its temperature and that allow built-up water to flow out when it's worn in the water. The Regulus is the best field watch under 200 that you must experience at least once in your lifetime.


  • Has a 5-year battery.
  • Poron foam is present between the Regulus brain and case that makes it shockproof.
  • It is waterproof up to 100 m.
  • Has Dual chronograph timers.
  • Has Three independent alarms.
  • Silent mode is available.
  • Quartz watch movement.


  • High-quality build and structure.
  • A minimalistic and aesthetic design.
  • A valuable asset for its inexpensive cost.
  • It is easy to read and understand.
  • It is Super-comfortable to wear on your wrist.


  • It can be difficult for you to read the time properly underwater.



If you want to own something majestic, the Timex X Todd Snyder men's military-inspired 40 mm watch is then the best field watch that you want. In 2019, Todd Snyder, who is an American designer, paired up with the trusted watch brand Timex to develop this magnificent watch. Sold out completely in a day, it makes it known as the best field watch under 200.

I love how this army field watch is modernly designed with classical ingenuity. Although it is created with a military vintage look, it is made again for your everyday look. With a red, silver, and black combination, this model is ideal for delivering accurately and is easy to read at the time. Designed in regards to the 70's wristwatch look, it features contemporary qualities.

Powered by a quartz movement, it is encased in a 40 mm stainless steel case. A crystal mineral hard glass protects the front of your watch. Combining the antique looks and intricate craftsmanship, this military watch is a must add-on to every wardrobe. 


  • Silicone strap measures 20 mm.
  • The strap can be adjusted according to the wrist size.
  • Black 24-hour time dial with full Arabic numerals.
  • Luminous hands and an Indiglo night light are available.
  • Waterproof and water-resistant up to 165 ft (50 m).
  • It weighs 249 g.


  • Its NATO strap is convenient to wear for a whole day.
  • Waterproof, dustproof, and scratch-resistant.
  • Budget field watch
  • It is aesthetically pleasing because of its vintage look.
  • High quality in its material and build.


  • Has almost no illumination or luminescence.
  • Has no calendar function showing the days or dates.



Pulsar is a leading and trusted brand in producing the world's finest watches. Known widely across the world, this model PM3175X1 is one of the finest and best field watch that you could ever get your hands on.

Built with crystal glass, it is useful in maintaining itself in diverse environments and in facing ruggedness. It is scratch-proof, and the black nylon band gives a fantastic shape to the watch. You will be amazed by this 3-way analog display field watch, coated with the luminescent phosphorescent glowing solution. It is seriously helpful in providing you with adequate illuminating light in dark environments.

This is a go-to watch for fancy occasions, casual outings, or formal meetings. I would highly recommend you add this as the best field watch under 200 to your collection.


  • Waterproof and water-resistant up to 100 m.
  • Hands are luminescent.
  • Calendar function displaying dates.
  • Mineral crystal hard glass covering and a stainless steel case.
  • Screwdown caseback.
  • Quartz movement on a black display.


  • Accurate time and numbers are easy to read.
  • Produces great luminescence.
  • Fantastic and pleasing vintage look.
  • Great build and high-quality material overall.


  • Feels bulky on the hand.
  • The strap feels delicate for its size and weight.


Seiko brand is known for making world-class watches. This model is made in Japan that has an automatic movement and looks quite attractive, and keeps setting new standards for timekeeping and toughness. 

The model comes in a basic Beige color. The fabric band is stronger than any other nylon fabric, providing it with both lighter and strong duality. The watch has a stainless steel case that is fastened with Canvas Strap that is protected with Hardlex Crystal. 

Seiko keeps surprising us with its awesome features. Its power function is a compact configuration that is designed solely to suit your strenuous work environment. Overall, this watch has rugged, dependable, and unique, which shouldn't be missed by you. 

Why are you still hesitant when this is the best field watch under 200 that you can purchase to fulfill all your ideal requirements?


  • 14.5 ~ 19.5cm band size
  • Stainless steel case
  • Durable Automaticwatch
  • Analog display type
  • 100 meters of water-resistant


  • Light-weight
  • Shock-resistant and water-resistant up to 100 m.
  • One of the best automatic watches under 200.
  • Durable and long-lasting fabric.
  • Comfortable to wear on the wrist and looks great.


  • Buttons can malfunction at times.


Apart from looking for the accuracy of the field watch, you must check out the below-given features as well.

Wrist band quality

Often the wristband quality is overlooked. This is an important feature you must consider because the wrist band must be compatible enough to handle any tough situation and must last long without any tears. So check the material of the wristband before investing.

Robust construction and shock resistance

Since it is a field watch, you will be using the watch in rough surroundings. So your watch must be able to handle the tough situation. That said, check whether the watch has a robust construction and has good shock resistance.

Water resistance

This is an important feature that has to be checked. If your watch gets drenched in water and if it stops working, then it might be big trouble for you. So it is important to buy a water-resistant field watch. Also, most waterproof watches are resistant up to 100 meters but you can wear them only for swimming and bathing, not for diving.

Battery duration

Imagine if your watch battery runs out when you are in the middle of some trip or any work. You will be annoyed for sure. So it is recommended to check the battery duration of your watch, so you don't have the need to replace it often.

Size and weight

This depends on the budget you are offering. Light field watches are hard to find and they are most likely expensive because the material used in making lightweight watches is pricey.


1. How Is A Field Watch Different From An Ordinary Watch?

A field watch is also called a military watch. These watches have a different design than ordinary watches, and they are built to be more durable. So they can be worn near water and have large dark dials with bright white numbers and metal cages on the top to protect the glass from breaking from impact. Also, they provide an easy time viewing than regular watches.

2. Who must choose a field watch?

Field watches are preferred mainly by military people. But anyone who wants a watch with a simple design, clear clarity to see the time, durability, and easy wearability can choose a field watch. Also, these field watches can handle any rough conditions, so you can also use them for any outdoor activities.

3. How much warranty covers field watches?

The warranty period for field watches is two years. But this might differ for each manufacturer. So it is better to check the warranty before making a purchase, or you can also confirm the warranty with the manufacturers.


This article includes 8 best military field watches that match your preferred types and budget. I would say that for a person who wants everything right, and long-lasting or is adventurous, a field watch is the one for you. Whatever be the reason for you wanting the best field watch, your choice is definitely great. It is amazing how brands are coming up with improvised and fancy versions of it, just to provide the best field watch beyond your expectations.

If you are newly introduced to field watches, I hope that the list of best field watch under 200 in this article reduces your confusion to an extent. Overall, this article may help you to find the one true and best field watch for you!

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