Best Dive Watches Under $300 For Men and Women

Need a watch to guide and navigate when you are underwater? Well, here's what you can do. Buy a diver's watch. The best dive watches are designed especially for underwater diving and water-sports like swimming, snorkeling, and deep-sea diving.

It features a water resistance that is greater than 1.0 MPa i.e. 10 atm, which is the equivalent of a hundred meters (330 ft). The traditional divers watch has got the ability to be water-resistant up to 200-300 meters (which is 660 to 980 ft), but modern technology and advancement have come up with new watches that can go much deeper into the depths of the sea.

A true divers watch will be marked with the word divers in accordance with ISO 6425, which distinguishes it from watches that might not be suitable for scuba diving.

To a wide range, the diver's watch has been used with a personal dive computer which offers a fully-automated dive timer function and real-time decompression computation and other functions that are very useful for the diving enthusiasts. A diving watch is an excellent equipment for divers and water sport enthusiasts as it resists water and helps them to be in the water for a long time.

So I have done the legwork for you and listed out the best dive watches under $300 in this article. Read the article and choose any affordable dive watches for yourself.

recommended Best dive watches under $300

REVIEW OF Best dive watches under $300

1) Orient FAA02005D9 - best inexpensive dive watch



  • Big, round dial which is clearly marked.
  • Can be winded easily with your hands
  • Case Diameter: 41.5mm without the crown.
  • Case Thickness:13mm. 
  • Rounded-off design at the top and bottom
  • You can set the language either in English or Spanish
  • Has a thin 120-click unidirectional bezel
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Power Reserve: 40 hours (approx)
  • If you want to change the date, you have to rotate the crown counter-clockwise.
  • If you want to change the day, you have to rotate the crown clockwise.
  • To set the time, you have to pull the crown once more and set it by turning it either clockwise or counterclockwise.

Orient has been releasing unique and special masterpieces since 1950. To date, they continue to manufacture watches passionately and successfully for the world. Most of the company's dive watches are made in Japan, and their authenticity is worth admiring. Also, manufacturing at their factory promises superior quality products and shows passion and craftsmanship in their products.  

The Ray II Collection is the epitome of the company's values. That said, Orient Ray is the most refined dive watch. It is known for its beautiful look and outstanding lume on the indices, making it fit for diving. 

The shiny blue dial itself is pretty attractive, and it is further enhanced with shiny star-burst patterns and the silver time indices. The beveled design is unique, and the frame has a  chrome finish instead of a simple cutout where the date and day are printed clearly. 

And another attractive feature of these Japanese divers watches is all the days of the week are shown in black except for Sunday, which comes in bright red color. Unlike the typical 60 click styling, this one comes with a thin 120-click unidirectional bezel. Its classy, rich look makes it a dual watch: used during formal occasions and while swimming. 

Overall, this watch is not only fitted as a dive watch but it is also known to be one of the finest designs by the Orient. Its sturdy construction with tough mineral crystal guarantees that it comes a long way. Since the Orient has produced and manufactured watches for more than 65 years now, you can rely on this brand. We can also call this the best diving watch in the world. 


  • Great at resistant water.
  • Easy to read underwater as the lume on the hands and markers are bright.
  • Accurate when it comes to time.
  • This can work as an automatic or self winding divers watch 
  • Perfect hacking movement.


  • The crown is stiff.





  • Stainless steel case with round dial.
  • Silicone bracelet with Molded polyurethane band with buckle closure.
  • Japanese quartz movement.
  • Blue, round dial features contrast hour markers and hands.
  • Comes with a robust and sporty stainless steel case
  • The watch is water-resistance upto 200m 
  • Luminous hands and hour markers.
  • It is ISO-certified
  • The watch shows +- 15 seconds per month
  • Citizen detailing with precision and strong display window.
  • 100% Water-resistant and imported.
  • Citizen Watch offers a 5-year manufacturer's warranty on all their products.

With the Eco-Drive technology, Citizen's legacy has made sure they are dedicated and marked to be the epitome of making the environment a better place to live in by prioritizing nature and the world before technology. For over 40 years, the company has come up with new technology while keeping in mind that no harm is done to the environment.

It is a revolutionary concept of coming up with such an idea. Eco-Drive technology utilizes the power of light from natural resources and artificial resources available to man and later converts it into usable energy. It is also designed to charge from light sources like desk lamps and indoor fluorescents. What is more exciting is, the excess energy is stored in a permanently rechargeable lithium-ion cell. 

This watch is made up of stainless steel to last long, and it looks purely classy and gives you a perfect look. The detailing and precision leave you awestruck, and it surely leaves you wondering about its beauty. 

The dial of the watch looks impressive and has got everything you need in a dive watch. You can see the beautiful triangle-shaped markers at 3,6,9, and 12 and circular markers for the rest of the numbers. Since the markers are equipped with a generous amount of luminous material, it gives a bright glow when you dive into dark areas. Both hands are broad in shape, and in this, the minute hand has been painted orange. 

Usually, affordable dive watches are often compromised on their strap. But Citizen has used a dark blue polyurethane strap which is very soft and is comfortable to wear.

And what if we tell you that your watch can run forever? Yes, this one can recharge continuously so it eliminates the need of battery replacement.  So with this collection of watches, Citizen manages to reach its goal of saving the environment. With a 5 year warranty, you don't need to worry about anything.


  • A beautiful combination of blues.
  • The bezel is strong and rotates with a good amount of resistance.
  • One of the best small dive watches
  • Batteries are not needed.
  • It is easy to grip, thanks to its nicely machined scallops.
  • The markers and hands are attractive and they glow nicely in the dark.


  •  The band is a bit stiff.





  • FO2 adjustable between 21% and 50%.
  • PO2 adjustable between 1.2 bar and 1.6 bar.
  • Comes with a CNS oxygen toxicity graphic indicator.
  • Three levels of user-adjustable conservatism available: Visual and distinct, easy-to-hear audible alarms.
  • User-selectable stop function.
  • 2 adjustable unit of measures: imperial or metric.
  • Comes with a battery life indicator.
  • Easy user changeable battery.
  • The interface uses IR to connect to the diving computer and a basic USB cable for PC connection.
  • Software compatibility: all versions of Windows and with Mac.
  • The Leonardo dive computer is made in Italy.

Since 1946, Cressi has been founded as the best dive watch company known for innovation, design, and development. Also, Leonardo is the first computer-developed watch which is manufactured in Italy by the owned subsidiary, Cressi Elettronica. It looks straightforward, but it does wonders. So innovation is the major forte of Cressi Leonardo. That said, let's see what makes this watch the best in the field. 

This is an entry level diver watch that supports three different modes, namely, air, nitrox, and gauge. The air mode is for diving with regular air level, whereas the nitrox mode indicates that you dive with oxygen-enriched gas mixtures. At the same time, gauge mode displays the time and depth of your diving. 

The high-definition large face backlit display makes all the information clear. So you will find it easy to use and read what is displayed on the screen. The alarm system is quite loud and happens to be a safety feature that can remind divers that it's time to resurface. 

It is travel friendly and hence can be carried easily to any place. This dive watch looks functional and simple, but its technology makes you go crazy. It is meant for those who want to dive. Also, the one button that is easy to access even gloves is possible.

Overall, this watch is best recommended for beginners who are planning to tip their toes in the diving world. If you are one, grab this dive watch now!


  • Ideal for beginners in scuba divers.
  • Affordable dive watch
  • It is easy to use.
  • Easy to read due to the high-definition screen, which gives large numerical displays.
  • Light in weight.


  • Low value for money.


4) INVICTA'S MEN'S 3044 - best automatic dive watch



  • Imparted with superior quality Japanese Automatic movement.
  • No battery needed for its functioning.
  • Generates power automatically through the movement of your arm.
  • Topped by a unidirectional rotating time bezel with white markings.
  • Luminous markings on the hands and hour markers.
  • Crafted with mineral crystals.
  • Analog display with a round and black dial.
  • Date water function- resistant to 300M.
  • Made for serious scuba fanatics and deep-sea swimmers.

The Latin name for Invincible is Invicta, and rightly so, Invicta has solid and robust watches for every occasion. They have been inventing some fantastic models of watches.

They believe in the values of innovation, persistence, and quality. Having a history of over a century, the quality of dive watches has developed over time, and they have been resonating with their motto of strength and persistence in their watches. 

The meticulous work done in making this watch has raised the bar for all other dive watches. It is safe to say that every part was put together with meticulous detailing and intrinsic construction. 

This dive watch is whooping 300m water-resistant, which is something amazing. It has a unidirectional rotating bezel with a black dial and a flame fusion crystal that adds more value to your watch. 

Its stainless steel band comes with a fold-over with a safety-release clasp that fits perfectly to your wrists. The power reserve is over 40 hours, and winding is also super comfortable. So it can be an ideal diving watch that will work without any issues. 

It is a great product, and one should buy it without thinking twice. So go and get this dive, one of the best dive watches under $300 on my list


  • This diver watch has good water resistance.
  • 300m divers watch
  • Cheap dive watch
  • Needs no batteries.
  • The stainless steel band is fitted with a safety release clasp.
  • One of the best diving watches for men


  • Large and heavy.
  • Not very durable.





  • A beautiful timepiece by Seiko's Divers collection.
  • Bracelet and body made with polished stainless steel.
  • It works with an automatic movement with 21 jewels.
  • Dark blue, round dial.
  • Luminous hands and hour markers for you to see clearly inside the water.
  • Crafted with scratch-resistant crystal.
  • Unidirectional rotating bezel with detents at half-minute positions.
  • Clear day and date display.
  • Screw-down crown with a signed screw-down case back.
  • Buckle type clasp: fold over with safety closure.
  • Water-resistant up to 200m(660 ft).
  • Date and day language can be changed.

The Seiko Diver's watch combines technology with a rugged, old-fashioned look. Seiko series is known for this type of combination, and it has been a renowned series of diver's watches. They believe in innovating new watches with the souvenirs of the past, and hence they are designing new watches for every professional.

For 125 years, Seiko has been connected to the art and science of the time. Wholly and solely responsible for crafting time with innovation and legacy. This watch is the same example as the previous mentions.

It is a beautiful new generation diver watch with a rugged white, blue, and red look. So its color itself makes it stand outside. The lugs measure 22m across, which can be easily customized according to one's personal choice. 

The black rubber band comes with a 5-link stainless steel band with a fold-over clasp and a safety closure. Seiko uses a luminescence paint named Lume Brite, which is free of radiation and safe for humans. This paint makes the luminescence part unique. It can glow for 5 hours in the dark, 10 times longer than other luminous paints. 

Unlike most dive watches, this top diver watch has no numbers. It is 200m water-resistant, so it can be used for diving but not recommended for saturation diving. Overall, this dive watch fascinates on how they have combined resilience and sophistication in one single watch.


  • Highly suitable for professional marine activity and surface water sports.
  • Easy to read.
  • Light in weight.


  • The jubilee does not have solid end links.

6) Suunto Core Wrist-Top Computer Watch



  • Product weight: 2.24 ounces.
  • Has many stylish designs.
  • Wrist-top computer watch with features like altimeter, barometer, compass, and depth meter.
  • Altimeter displays ascent or descent speed, current elevation, and records your progress.
  • The Suunto Core provides current and maximum depth.
  • Watch functions include time, dual time, sports chronograph, countdown timer, date, alarm, etc.
  • Shows the sunrise and sunset time for over 400 locations worldwide.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.

Coming up next is one of the coolest dive watches. Born in 1936, Suunto was bought into existence by Finnish orienteer and engineer Tuomas Vohlonen when he invented the mass production method for the liquid-filled compass.

Since then, Suunto is known for its design, technology, and innovation for the best dive watches, computers, and sports equipment which were then used by enthusiasts and adventure lovers all around the world.

A weather graph and storm alarm add up to your watch with preset sunrise/ sunset time for more than 400 locations, which helps you to stay safe and plan your activities properly. 3 in one watch: The altimeter tracks your vertical movement, a barometer tells the progressions in air pressure, and a compass gives you directions.

Suunto promises adventures to conquer new territory from the deep ocean to brown, tall mountains. It is designed to be your companion wherever you go and it reminds you who you are in your adventures.


  • Super light in weight.
  • Functions are easy to use.
  • The barometer and altimeter are very useful.
  • Comfortable strap.


  • Some of the function buttons stick or become non-functional.
  • Not meant for scuba diving.




  • Sophistically made in the USA or Imported.
  • Durable Swiss-quartz Movement.
  • Made with strong Carbon with reinforced PC.
  • Luminous handles and markers.
  • Round, black dial with an analog case.
  • It comes with a date function.
  • Water-resistance 200 m (660ft).
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating.
  • 4-year battery life which is backed by a 1-year Luminox warranty.
  • Double gasket crown.

Luminox combines the finest tradition and precision of Swiss watchmaking with the durability required by the armed forces. This wrist watch is a perfect combination of strength, value, and durability. Unidirectional rotating bezel with engraved 5-minute Arabic numerals detailed for an improved grip.

It has great features and this was awarded for its durability and unique illumination system. It is one of the most rated divers watch brands and it is definitely a strong watch for your watersport use.


  • Suitable for recreational scuba diving.
  • This is one of the ideal quartz divers watches available at competitive price
  • Super easy to read.
  • One of the best sapphire crystal watches under $300
  • Really accurate.


  • Friction makes it hard to insert the strap into the loop.
  • The bands are cheap and break easily.

8) Mares Puck Pro Wrist Dive Computer for Scuba Diving



  • Product weight: 3.3 pounds.
  • Memory capacity: 36 hr
  • Max Displayed Depth: 150 m (492 ft)
  • It comes with new and unique fresh and saltwater settings.
  • Replaceable battery which is easy to change.
  • Automatic safety alerts.

The Puck dive computer sent a shockwave rippling through the industry and shouting its songs of innovation in the market in 2008 when it was introduced. Through the industry, everyone got to know that it was super easy to use, super intuitive, and featured an RGBM nitrox computer at a very competitive price. Mares is doing it again!

Improving the original concept and working on it was very difficult, but they managed to come with a larger display in sleek and thinner body design and later added new technologies to it to upgrade its features and capabilities. Puck Pro is the new computer that can accompany you through many years of great diving adventures, which will have stories to recite.

It is one, shining, black dial watch, which has the capability to change your experience of diving and takes your watersport experience to a newer level. It is a diving watch that meets the demands of diverse requirements so don’t miss this dive watch as it is one of the best dive watches under $300 in my list.


  • Set-up is very easy.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Great depth alarm.
  • Great value for money.


  • The bottom timer stops if you are on the surface for 3 minutes.




  • Product weight: 1.1 pounds.
  • Stainless steel case which is 42mmX50mm brushed and polished 316L stainless steel band.
  • 120-click unidirectional bezel & Swiss Quartz Ronda 515 movement.
  • Swiss Quartz with analog display, wide date window at the 3 o'clock position.
  • 100% waterproof screw-down crown.
  • Water Resistant up to 300 Meters (1000ft).
  • Sapphire Crystal Glass.
  • Upgraded to Swiss Super-Luminova BGW9 which has luminous hands & markers for you to see clearly.

The name Phoibos comes from Greek Mythology. Phoibos is the other name for the God of light and sun Apollo. It means the "bright shining one". Phoibos manufacture watches of superior and high-end quality. Made with only Swiss quartz movements, Swiss or Japanese Automatic movements, they are meant to portray superior knowledge and fine craftsmanship.

It withstands the most challenging weather conditions and still lasts long. This dive watch is a beautiful watch with great features and one should surely consider it as it offers a great deal. You can trust the professionalism and technical workmanship.


  • Suitable for Swimming, Snorkeling & Scuba Diving.
  • Very accurate.
  • 100% water-resistant.
  • The sapphire crystal is a great addition to your watch.


  • The dial becomes cloudy after a while.

10) Neymar Men's Diver



  • Product weight: 1.3 pounds.
  • Stainless steel case with 44 mm X 52 mm which is brushed and polished with a 316L stainless steel band.
  • 120-click unidirectional ceramic.
  • Comes with a fine sapphire crystal with AR coating.
  • Japan NH 35 automatic movement.
  • With a date indicator and analog display.
  • A waterproof screw-down crown.
  • Water-resistant 1000 Meters (3300 feet)
  • Swiss BGW9 blue color luminous hands & markers.

Known for its beautiful look and intrinsic features, the Neymar Diver watch is one of a kind. It might not be the best watch to wear while going for a dive session but it is surely considerable once you start seeing its features.

One of the best things about this watch is that it is built for powerful water currents and it does not give you a chance to complain about its water resistance. This dive watch is affordable and once you start using it, you have no option but to use it for years and years. 


  • Best suited for swimming & snorkeling & scuba diving.
  • 100% water-resistant.
  • Great value for money.
  • The lume is serviceable.
  • The build quality is really great.


  • The pins are very tight.
  • The inside movement can be a bit problematic.

Buying guide for best dive watches under $300

Water resistance

The first and foremost feature we can expect in a dive watch is water resistance. If the dive watch is water resistant upto 200 meters and fulfils the ISO-6425 specification that makes it competent for dive watches, then you are good to go with the watch. Apart from this, we can expect the watch to be strong and durable enough to withstand  a long time.

Easy readability 

It is obvious that you dive watches comes with clear watch dial. But what we need is, the watch's visibility under water must be clear so that you can easily read what's given in the watch even under water.

This because as you dive deeper, the water start to get darker so there will be a lack of clarity while diving. So this reason it is recommended to go for watches with luminescent hands or that glows in the dark.

Accurate time

Another crucial point to check is accurate time of the dive watches because incorrect time readings might cause unnecessary havoc while diving because divers solely depend on their watches while underwater. But you don't have to worry as most dive watches are either automatic or quartz movement. And not to mention, automatic watches are more popular among divers.

Stylish design

Choosing a dive watch based on design is something subjective. So go for the one which suits your style.

Build quality

A solid field watch can come a long way if it is maintained properly. So in terms of build quality, apart from checking the durability and construction, it is crucial to take a look at the well-built case, good strap and a strong crystal. 


1. What is the use of a dive watch?

A dive watch helps the divers keep a track on how long they stay underwater and also helps calculate decompression stops and how much air is present in the tank. 

2. Are dive watches under 300 worth the penny?

Many argue that a cheap product can't compete with a premium one. Well, this is not entirely true. You could have seen some dive watches listed in here are from a new brand and that comes with some amazing features as well. So you can't always cling on to expensive things, as more reasonably priced watches strongly compete with premium ones these days. So why not invest in high quality dive watches that come at affordable prices. 

3. Why do some divers or military people wear field watches backwards?

Wearing the dive watches backwards appears to be a more natural position to read time. So for this reason, the military and special forces or divers wear watches upside down.


Scuba diving, swimming, snorkeling water sports are fun, but you have to make sure that you carry your equipment properly and do not get yourself in any kind of trouble. Make sure you check your device before enjoying these activities and get used to the process before finally diving in deep seas.

Now, divers watch can be great equipment for you as you already know its benefits and the kind of service it offers to you. Some watches also consist of a barometer to track the air pressure, a compass, altimeter, which tells you the height and depth.  

Basically all of these small devices help you underwater, so before jumping into the water, make sure you have your diving watch ready with you.

Check the specifications and the features of each watch before selecting and buying it. With these watches, you will be just fine to go inside the water without any problem. It will guide you and tell you all you need.

I hope that my list of the best dive watches under 300 made helped you find the ideal dive watch for yourself. Happy diving! 

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