Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Under $1000

If you love to play music, you may wonder what are the best musical instruments to play amazing music. There are many different musical instruments available in the marketplace. The acoustic electric guitar is one of the best instruments to play mesmerizing music to the audience.

As a guitar player, many may expect a perfect guitar at an affordable price for concerts. With that in mind, here, I have listed the top and best acoustic electric guitar under 1000 for you. If you are a beginner and don't want to spend more, then you may take a look at these budget friendly acoustic electric guitar

The guitars listed below are the best products that come with high-quality craftsmanship to the players. If you are not sure where to begin, this article will help you with all your needs. So, without any further hassle, let’s move into the list.

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REVIEW OF Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Under 1000

1) Yamaha FGX800C - best acoustic electric cutaway guitar



  • Solid sitka spruce top
  • Mahogany body material
  • Nato/Okoume back material
  • Rosewood fretboard material
  • Piezo guitar pickup configuration
  • Fixed guitar bridge system
  • Right hand orientation

Yamaha FGX800C is another best acoustic-electric guitar under $1000 in the list. This guitar is a professional-quality instrument that offers flexibility, texture, and unique attributes.

The FGX800C guitar is perfect for Rock, Jazz, Latin, Pop, Classical music, and other music genres. The cutaway design and slim build will make it easy to handle this musical instrument. The Sitka Spruce top on the guitar balances the tones.

What makes this 800 series unique is that the guitar has embraced a scalloped bracing pattern. This pattern helps maintain the durability of the top board and enhances the guitar's natural sound.

Furthermore, the utilization of rosewood in the guitar supports the soundboard and results in bright tones for various pieces of music.

Also, it includes cutting-edge acoustic analysis technology, which helps deliver loud and robust sound in the low to mid ranges. Other exciting features include an under-saddle piezo pickup with a 3-band EQ and a high-precision chromatic tuner to provide optimum sound tailoring.

Lastly, it has an adjustable truss rod that you can use to reduce or increase the pressure on the rod and the neck.


  • 2 body shapes
  • Sounds great
  • Affordable acoustic electric guitar
  • Ideal for a beginner.




  • Natural color
  • Wood body
  • Mahogany back and neck material
  • Rosewood fretboard material
  • Fixed guitar bridge system
  • Right hand orientation
  • 6 Strings

Fender always has a big fan base, and this pick will be extra special as this acoustic-electric guitar incorporates some fantastic features. 

The first thing that grabs attention is its classic single-cutaway dreadnought body style, decoration around the soundhole, and finally, the pickguard. 

This guitar has got a solid construction. The rosewood body combined with the spruce top helps in delivering a warm and gentle tone. If the amps are used correctly, the guitar can spring to life and provide more volume. 

This CD series stands out with its Pearloid rosette design present around the soundhole. Not only that, its cutaway body gives easy access to the upper frets so you can practice the high register chord progressions. 

You will be amazed how the Fishman Presys preamp and Fishman Sonicore pickup enhances your guitar sound. Speaking of the controls, you get some excellent controls like volume, bass, middle and treble, which are pretty extensive for an acoustic-electric guitar. Other features include an LED indicator showing battery status, a 9v battery, and a phase control that delivers exciting sound options. 

Overall, this dreadnought guitar under 1000 is a big bang for your buck with a premium build and advanced features. So don't miss it out. 


  • Includes hard shell case
  • Easy to play neck
  • Easy on the fingers
  • This is the best mid priced acoustic electric guitar

3)TRAVELER ULA MHIL - best small acoustic electric guitar  



  • The guitar has mahogany color
  • Maple top material type
  • Mahogany body, back and neck material
  • Laurel fretboard material type
  • Piezo guitar pickup configuration
  • Phosphor Bronze string material type
  • Right Hand Orientation

Traveler guitar is a trustworthy brand for providing quality guitars and basses just made for the road. So they make compact guitars that can play giant sounds and support a variety of tuning systems.

So when Traveler guitar announced that they had come up with an ultra-light acoustic-electric guitar, they actually meant it. This guitar just measures only 28inches long and is under 3lbs, which is ultra-lightweight. 

What impressed us more is that this guitar can support the same full-scale playing experience you get on other instruments. 

Since it is just a full 24 ¾ inch scale, it can easily fit in airline overhead bins. Talking about the features, it comes with an acoustic piezo pickup and a standard 1/4-inch output jack. So you have to just plug it into your favorite amp or recording device or a headphone amp and get started with your practice session. It is designed with standard strings and tuners, which makes the tuning composing part a breeze.  

If needed, you can also remove the lap rest and safely place it in your pocket while traveling with it. Not only this, a gig bag is included with this guitar. So you can travel with it anywhere safely.

So if you are hunting for a compact acoustic-electric guitar, then get ready to put your hands on the smallest, lightest, and full-scale travel guitar that has come your way.


  • Budget acoustic electric guitar
  • Compact guitar
  • Ultra-light weight guitar
  • Gig bag is included
  • Plug in and play it anywhere

4) TAYLOR GS KOA - best acoustic electric guitar for the money   


  • Layered Koa (body woods) - beautifully structured and durable. Also, it provides good-looking visuals and tones.
  • Hawaiian Koa (Top woods).
  • ES-B (Electronic) - the preamp combination includes an in-built digital chromatic tuner.
  • Non-cutaway - The clean and symmetrical look makes it more glossy.

The Taylor GS Mini-e Koa is the best acoustic electric guitar under $1000. It is a miniaturized version of the larger acoustic electric guitar. It has many positive characteristics that are not found on other guitars.

Further, the resonant character, stunning look, and comfortable body of the guitar make it more prominent among the musicians. In addition, the guitar features graceful Sapele neck and ebony fingerboard which is an ideal design to use. 

Also, this Taylor GS Mini-e Koa comes with the under-saddle piezo Preamp EQ, and an in-built digital chromatic tuner. As it weighs around 4 pounds, it is a perfect guitar for the travelers to carry out. Further, the guitar comes with the solid koa on top, layered Koa on side and back, which produces a great sound and playability to the users.

The onboard Taylor ES-B of the guitar is sure to entice you with an LED display. This is used for tuning, tone controls, and a low-battery indication of the guitar. On the whole, this Taylor acoustic electric guitar is worth the price.


  • Easy amplification with ES-B Electronics.
  • Guitar performance is amazing.
  • Affordable price.
  • Small and compact in size.

5) EASTMAN AC422CE - best value acoustic electric guitar 


  • Venetian-style cutaway.
  • Solid Sitka Spruce on top.
  • Solid Rosewood on sides and back.
  • Handcrafted Scalloped X bracing.
  • Fingerboard Scale.
  • Fishman Matrix VT Pickup system.

Next up in my list comes the Eastman’s AC422CE, which is another best acoustic-electric guitar under 1000. This guitar is a versatile musical instrument, which is suitable for multiple uses like Flatpicking, fingerpicking, and vocal backing.

The tones will be balanced from high to mids and from mid to low and offer a powerful high volume while playing the guitar. The cutaway body of the guitar is made of solid Sitka spruce top and rosewood side and back. Also, supports hand-crafted scalloped X-bracing of the guitar.

In the guitar, there is a two-way truss rod in order to stabilize the mahogany neck, 25.5-inch scale ebony fretboard, and a hand-fitted dovetail neck joint. With all these features, the small-bodied guitar offers a glossy look to the users.

They feature Chrome Vintage Open Gear Gotoh tuner, diamond Volute, hardshell case, and Bronze addition, the pickup system is a saddle combo with bone and rosewood, which gives a classy look and amazing sound. Overall, this acoustic guitar is a perfect choice for all kinds of musicians who wish to play the guitar.


  • Sounds great even when it is unplugged or plugged.
  • Solid Indian rosewood on its sides and back.
  • Versatile.
  • Durable electrified acoustic guitar



  • Solid Sitka Spruce top.
  • Scalloped bracing which offers crisp tone and clean articulation.
  • Solid Mahogany side and back.
  • Slim mahogany neck.
  • Stable reverberation.

Are you in need of the best acoustic electric guitar under 1000 which is sturdy and durable? Then the Blueridge is here for you.

This acoustic guitar is specifically designed for fingerstyle technique, which renders amazing tones and intimate Volume output, and is capable of using it for strumming style.

This guitar is ideal for the vintage lovers as it offers amazing aging tones, and high-shine gloss to use. It comprises Sitka spruce on top and Rosewood sides and back, which encourage a warm resonance sound when playing the guitar.

The slim and narrow neck of the guitar helps you to play a faster and confident sound while using the musical instrument. This increases the stability and accuracy of the guitar while playing.


  • Warm and adjustable tones.
  • Vintage structure.
  • Durable hybrid guitar.




  • Solid Sitka spruce top.
  • Solid Mahogany back and sides.
  • Masterbuilt solid wood dreadnought.
  • 25.5 scale rosewood fingerboard.
  • Features dove-tail and Glue neck joint.
  • Nickel hardware.
  • Fishman Presys preamp, 3-Band EQ.

Are you searching for the best acoustic electric guitar under 1000? Epiphone DR-500MCE is the perfect guitar for you. The Epiphone DR-500MCE acoustic electric guitar is the combination of traditional and modern features.

This instrument is thoroughly designed with solid wood, which gives you a classy look. If you love to enjoy a new vintage tone and vibe, go for this handcrafted hide-glue and dovetail neck joint construction. 

This guitar is designed with the solid Sitka spruce top, mahogany kerfing, 25.5-inch rosewood fingerboard, and a rosewood bridge. The Epiphone DR-500MCE comes with the 20-fret mahogany neck and it links with the fret-14. Further, the Epiphone acoustic electric guitar is equipped with a vintage-style offset with a stickpin inlay.

The onboard Presys in the guitar provides deluxe amplification to the users. So, get the full sound control with the master volume, a tuner switch with output, 3-band EQ control, and a phase switch. The output of the guitar is automatically muted with the no pop noise, which makes it a perfect choice for the musicians. 

The other features of this acoustic guitar are vintage-style machine head, saddle, and a bone nut. It imitates tortoise pickguard, bound body, neck, nickel hardware, and headstock.


  • Good audio quality.
  • Good to play.
  • Fun to play.


Martin road


  • Multi-shielded element.
  • Neck adjustments.
  • Preamp soundhole system.
  • Fishman Sonitone Pickup System.
  • Synthetic Richlite.
  • Classic Martin Dreadnought.

The Martin Road Series is a collection of musical instruments designed for traveling guitarists. If you are seeking for the Martin acoustic electric guitar in this list, then Martin Road Series DRS1 is the perfect one for you. The top, rear and side of the guitar are built from solid Sapele wood and contain added volume and resonance.

The neck of the DRS1 guitar is made from the multi-shielded element which is dubbed as Stratabond. It is used for increased rigidity and resistance to climatic conditions.

This offers a fewer neck adjustment on the road to the users. This Martin road series guitar comes in a modified low-oval shape and offers high-performance for the lead and rhythm playing. The fretboard and belly bridge of the guitar is made of synthetic Richlite. 

The amplification of the guitar is achieved via the Fishman Sonitone pickup system and preamp soundhole offers tone and volume controls to the users. The styling on the guitar is Classic Martin Dreadnought, and the Sapele build offers a warm and dark look to the buyers. It is packed with tight lows and Ultra-clear highs.


  • Good cheap acoustic electric guitar
  • Chrome enclosed tuners.
  • Fishman Sonitone Electronics.




  • A full-bodied dreadnought.
  • Made of Cedar, Rosewood, and Mahogany.
  • Fingerboard.
  • An ample cutaway for easy fret access.
  • Vibrant and resonant solid spruce top.

The Artist Collection is one of the finest lineups by Seagull, and it is the best acoustic electric guitar under 1000. It is the front runner of the collection. This handcrafted guitar comes with the pressure-tested solid cedar top and mahogany sides and back. Cedar generates warmer tones. Further, the guitar is widely made of wood.

The Mahogany of the guitar adds a solid mid-range flavor to provide a crisp tone to the users. Also, the Mahogany absorbs, reduces some of the overtones, and slows the response rate to give a warmer feel with effective sound.

Furthermore, the combination of mahogany and cedar complements each other and produces a balanced, sweet, and mesmerizing sound. The bridge and fingerboard on the guitar are made of rosewood.

They are light in weight, dense, and hard to use. It helps in transferring or directing the energy from the vibration of string to the soundboard. Even, there will be negligible energy loss during transfer as the rosewood is quite harder.

The nut and saddle of the guitar are artificially engineered material that imitates the bone and used to make the bridge pins. On the whole, the combination of Cedar, rosewood, and mahogany makes the guitar strumming and plucking.


  • Good intonation and fret-work.
  • Big dreadnought body adds volume while playing.
  • Consistent and rich in sound.




  • Solid Engelmann Spruce on top.
  • Solid Rosewood on side and back.
  • 5-ply Rosewood and Mahogany.
  • Ebony Fingerboard and bridge.
  • SRT Zero Impact Pickup.

Yamaha LL16RDHC is one of the beautiful guitars in the marketplace. It is the best acoustic electric guitar under 1000. It is a dreadnought model, which comes with great build and sound which fulfills the need of professional musicians.

If you are looking for a quality model, then this will be a perfect one for you. It is equipped with the Acoustic Resonance Enhancement with handcrafted solid spruce. The humidity, temperature, and atmosphere control engenders a durable musical instrument that enhances the modern methods to the users.

A non-scalloped bracing of the guitar creates a louder and bright tone, while the ebony bridge adds strength to its construction. The neck of the guitar is made with 5-ply mahogany and 1-3.4 inch nut width and produces great comfort.

A volute at the headstock and a dual adjustable rod is given to the neck of the guitar for more stability. Also, there is an output jack on the guitar that performs as the strap button.

On the whole, the Yamaha LL16RDHC is a sophisticated acoustic electric guitar that has many features to offer in terms of texture, sound maturity, and tones. Further, the outstanding neck design is used to produce a grand loud sound while playing.


  • Creative and long-lasting neck design offers good playability.
  • SRT Zero Impact Pickup System.
  • Amazing string articulation.


Buying your first acoustic-electric guitar can be a daunting task, especially if you don't have any previous experience in playing this type. It might sound overwhelming for you, so to help you out, we did extensive research and listed out the best acoustic-electric guitar under a $1000 budget.

But you can't just pick out some random guitar just because we have listed it. So below, we have given the buying guide, also called the factors to check while investing in the acoustic-electric guitar.


First, let's assume that you have a 1000$ budget and are ready to invest in an acoustic-electric guitar. For this budget, you must check whether you get cleaning supplies, the second set of strings, in some cases, a soft or hard shell.

These guitars sound like usual ones when not plugged in, and they are suited for all levels of guitar players. So be a pro or just a beginner, an acoustic-electric guitar under 1000 budget would give live performances indoor and outdoor.


Which one do you prefer? A simple, basic design or a modern one, it's your choice. But remember you are going to have this guitar and see it all day. And these days, you can find many body pattern designs in the market. So choose the one which is comfortable for you.

Guitar strings

Guitarists debate on Nylon Vs. steel strings. Nylon strings give you a soft, mellow tone, and they don't override any other instrument. So they are best for beginners. Whereas steel strings are popular for their loud and projecting sound. Rock, metal, country, and pop music use steel strings.  

It is recommended to grab an extra pair of strings for your guitar because you may not know if the guitar comes with good durable strings or how long you can rely on the same. So for these reasons, invest in a packet of strings, especially if you are a beginner.

Guitar Body Styles

There is a wide misconception that all guitars have the same body style. That is not true. Guitars have different body styles, and each has a name. Some popular ones are Dreadnought, Parlor, Jumbo, Dreadnought Variants, Auditorium, Grand Auditorium, and classical.


Here I end up with the quick wrap up. As there are many guitars in the marketplace, it is hard to find the perfect one from them. To help you with it, I have reviewed the best guitars for you. The aforementioned guitars are some of the best acoustic electric guitars under 1000. I’ve covered you with all the needs that you find on the guitar. Find the great acoustic guitar that fulfills your thirst.

Also, before you make a decision, know your playing style, type of the guitar you are compatible with, and pick from the list. I assure that these guitars will be the perfect fit for you.

Hope, you have gained an idea and option to pick an acoustic electric guitar in your budget. Get the one and start learning your music skill. Good Luck!

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