Automatic Watches Vs Quartz Watches – A detailed comparison guide

You might have heard this famous quote ‘too much expectation leads to disappointments.’ This is undoubtedly true, but it does not apply when your expectations are already set and not fictional.

One good example is a watch. If you are a rational thinker, you would know everything about your watch before actually buying it. You can do this because you have already set your expectations based on your choice and requirements, so there’s no scope of disappointment.

Automatic Vs Quartz Watches

However, not everybody can think that way besides, with tons of options available on the market, people tend to develop confusion on which one to choose? Nowadays, the watches come in two categories Quartz and Automatic, choosing from either of them could be bewildering. Hence, I bring you a simplified piece of article that can help you know which one is better- Automatic or Quartz watch?  

what is an automatic watch?


Are automatic watches good? Let’s find out but first, let me briefly explain what is an automatic watch? Automatic movement watches either use a metal weight or a rotor to power up the watch. The rotor is designed in such a way that every time you move your wrist, the rotor spins, eventually powering up the watch.

Since this is the watch powered by movement, they are also known as self-winding watches because they wind on their own with the help of the wearer’s wrist motion, and no battery is needed. This feature makes automatic watches stand out from the crowd. There is a myth that automatic watches are expensive. It is not true and in fact you can easily grab affordable automatic watches online.

Automatic Watches

what is a quartz watch?

There was a time when Quartz watches overruled the entire craftsmanship industry with its state-of-the-art technology. So, are Quartz watches good? Let’s find out. Unlike automatic watches, quartz watches do require a battery or solar cell to power their unit. A quartz watch is a watch in which time is regulated with the help of a tiny quartz crystal that vibrates at a certain frequency when applied a little pressure.

These watches offer the highest accuracy and are independent in the sense that they can self-sustain for about a month without anyone wearing them. Quartz battery life is the longest; thus, they are considered the most reliable watches worldwide. I hope you have understood what is quartz movement in watches like this. 

Quartz Watches

Automatic Vs Quartz Watches

Here’s a comparison table between automatic watch vs Quartz watch for your ease so you can rectify differences, merits, or demerits of both automatic versus quartz.





Most of the best automatic watch make a sweep motion or movement.  

Most of the quartz movements are clicking watch motion or movement.

Powering Unit

Automatic watches are powered by a Mainspring rotor.

Quartz is mostly battery operated watch so it is powered by a battery.


Automatic watch meaning more engineering. Automatic watches involve meticulous engineering thus these watches are expensive and less affordable.

Quartz watches meaningless engineering and easy mass production since quartz is a traditional and common watch in the market. Thus they are inexpensive.


Automatic watches are less reliable or accurate because they can be influenced by any small surrounding changes.

Quartz movement watches are more accurate because they are powered by the battery and are not affected by any changes in the surrounding.


Automatic watches require frequent replacement or maintenance in mainspring and mechanical gears.

Quartz watches need zero maintenance, just a battery replacement once a year.

Should I choose a watch based on its movement? 

Choosing a watch based on its movement is a good idea. The movement of the watch is a significant factor when it comes to the maintenance of the watch. You need to understand what is the movement of the watch and see if it requires minimum or maximum care and maintenance. Not only this, the durability and reliability of the watch also depend on the movement of the watch. So it is essential to understand the working and mechanics of the watch before you choose a watch for yourself.

quartz vs automatic movement

Watch Movement

Watch movement, also sometimes referred to as “Calibre,” is the powerhouse of a watch that keeps it running every day. Both automatic quartz watches have different analog quartz movements, and therefore they need to be understood individually.

  • Movement of Automatic watches

Quartz movements involve continuous sweeping motion and are very accurate as compared to other mechanical watches. Now that you know what is a quartz watch and that the watch quartz is battery-powered. These watches do not involve much repairing or maintenance except for a battery replacement; hence these types of watches are manufactured in larger numbers. 

Every watch needs some source of mechanism to keep it running. In the case of Quartz watches, what source is that? Let’s see. 

Do quartz watches need batteries? Yes, they do quartz watch movement caused by the battery. The power in these Quartz watches is sourced from that battery. Battery Quartz watches also have an important component named Quartz crystal. This crystal-induced electric current through the battery produces vibrations. These vibrations keep the oscillations constant and drive the motor at the same time. This is how does Quartz watch works. 

Benefits and Drawbacks

The greatest benefit of owning a quartz watch is it does not require constant winding. This is the major benefit when you compare Quartz vs. automatic movement watches. Another benefit of using a quartz watch is it does not require high-end maintenance. The only drawback is they lack hi-tech innovations and designs in these watches.

Automatic Vs Quartz Watches
  • Movement of quartz watches

Now that you know what’s an automatic watch. The next part is to know what does automatic movement means in a watch. As the name suggests, automatic movement means the watch winds on its own. Do automatic watches have batteries? No, they don’t yet. They are able to wind itself merely with the help of a mainspring. The movement happens when the wearer moves his/her wrist around. The movement in the wrist will cause a push in the rotor and, lastly, in the mainspring to keep the watch running continuously and wind as well.

Since here we are comparing two different categories Quartz vs automatic watches their working mechanism would be different as well. The mainspring in the watch wounds automatically via the wearer’s way of motion. Even the slightest motion will power up the mainspring, thus when you take off the watch, it will stop in roughly two days. An automatic watch includes about 70 parts which work together to keep the watch wounded and running everyday.

Benefits and Drawbacks 

Automatic watches offer plenty of designs and features. Automatic watches can last for generations if they are properly treated. The only drawback of automatic watches is they are less accurate, and their durability cannot be promised.


automatic versus quartz - Reliability

You can say a watch is reliable when you see it function well even after multiple trials. There always comes a time when your automatic timepiece or quartz timepiece gets difficult to carry around. Thus, it is important to know quartz vs. automatic reliability to evaluate its preservation.

Quartz watches are highly reliable because they are long-lasting. They can be kept in the heirloom, but automatic watches are difficult to preserve. In my opinion, if you are not a fan of chronography or multiple features, then you should opt for Quartz watches, as they are budget-friendly and reliable in every aspect.

Why choose quartz over automatic?

The major reason to choose quartz over automatic is its durability and accuracy. Quartz watches will never manipulate time adjustments, whereas automatic watches can do that. In addition, quartz needs only battery replacement once a year, and there’s no stress of winding it. Thus, it is wise to choose quartz over automatic.

Why choose automatic over quartz?

If you love the artistry, then you should undoubtedly go for automatic watches as they are precisely designed for vogue wearers. The best thing about these watches is that they do not need a battery to function; they are self-running watches that work on the movement of the wrist. You can also buy winders to keep your automatic watch running continuously. 


Half the watches out there are Quartz watches because people seek longevity, durability, affordability, and accuracy in their watches, and quartz watches are capable of fulfilling these requirements. Whereas, if you want to cherish the goodness of tradition and high-tech engineering, then Automatic watches are recommended to choose. I believe this article was helpful enough to understand differences in automatic movement vs. quartz movement and automatic vs. quartz watches.

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